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Micro Mobility. The future is Micro

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y new electric scooters we release.

Micro Mobility is the future of sustainable transport.

The average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic jams (source the Telegraph). On average, a car is occupied by only 1.2 people and driven just 35km per day. This means that normal cars are too big for 95 per cent of their usage . Well it looks as though things might be about to change with the dawn of Micro Mobility.

Remember the days of microcomputing? An era when we bid farewell to those clunky, heavy desktop computers and witnessed the rise of microcomputers for personal use. Well the same is happening with transport. 

What is Micro Mobility 

Short journeys, first and last miles, are being transformed by portable, shareable rides. In cities all over the world, busy urban areas are being improved by enabling people to better connect with public transport, meaning less reliance on traditional cars.

Light vehicles such as electric scooters, electric skateboards, shared and dockless bicycles are transforming cities across the world. Whether it is commuting to work, visiting friends or going shopping, there’s a wealth of businesses and people embracing this transformation in travel. 

The trend, dubbed Micro Mobility, refers to any transport that sits alongside bicycles and uses bike space in new and different ways. Better GPS tracking, improved mobile connectivity, lower battery costs with improved lifetimes have helped to improve adoption rates, making this type of urban mobility a reality. 

For riders, journeys are now seamless and cost effective, places become accessible and we’re using human power to become masters of our own destiny. But it’s not just the rider that feels the benefits – cities are cleaner, greenhouse gas emissions are minimised, roads are less congested and roads keep moving. What’s not to love? 

Micro Mobility in Europe 

Many cities and governments have embraced this new era of transportation; acknowledging that it helps them achieve goals around reducing congestion and emissions and improving air quality, while enabling better access to public transport.

Other cities and governments have responded with more caution. They have raised concerns over safety and the risk of injury for both riders and others. It is wise to remember though, that an increase in injuries would be expected, given the vehicles’ rapid adoption in recent years. 

City leaders, Micro Mobility service providers and vehicle manufacturers must work together to create the right balance between keeping people in our cities safe, keeping roads moving and helping to foster innovations that will benefit our transport systems and our environment more generally. Competition must be viewed as a positive and new entrants into the Micro Mobility market must be welcomed. This way more data can gathered, more lessons can be learned and innovations in urban transportation applied. 

Micro Mobility scooters

At Micro Scooters, we believe, when it comes to transport, big isn’t always beautiful. The future is small. The future is Micro Mobility.

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