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Scoot Safe

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Nothing is more important to us than making sure children who scoot, do so safely. It is one of the reasons we started our Scoot Safe scheme in 2013.

The aim of the scheme is to teach as many children as possible the rules of safe scooting during the school day. Our fully qualified instructors work with schools and councils to deliver engaging workshops to children of all ages. The workshops include tips on scooter maintenance, why children should have good road manners, pavement etiquette and practical skills including how to brake and steer a scooter. https://youtu.be/rJrHNBZNVTc We run a Scoot Safe class in schools across the country, every single day during term time. At the moment we organise our workshops directly with schools and so it is not possible to book your child onto a class as a parent. This is why we have put together some information to help you teach the importance of safe scooting at home.

Safe scooting begins at home

Whether it is a quick trip to the park or a scooting adventure further afield, safe scooting should be one of the most important considerations of the journey. Here are some links to help prepare children and educate them on how to ride safely.

You can find them here:

How to ensure your child's helmet is fitted correctly

It is really important that children wear a helmet to scoot. If you have chosen to purchase a Micro helmet for your child, here is a video to help ensure that it is fitted correctly. https://youtu.be/AMa07Ia3Hqo

Scooting essentials

When it comes to safe scooting adventures then ensuring that you have the right scooting essentials is really important.Our motto of Be Safe. Be Seen, Be Heard covers the 3 items essential for safe scooting. A helmet to be safe, a light to be seen and a bell to be heard. They can each be purchased individually as well as within a safety set. You can click here to visit the Scoot Safe archives for more advice. You can also find our full range of scooters and scooter accessories here >>