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How to ensure that your child scoots safely...

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Allowing your child the independence to make their way to school (under your supervision) is a great first step to teaching them how to behave at roadsides and helps builds their confidence. Have you noticed how much easier it is to get your children to put their shoes on by saying 5 magic words… “We are scooting to school” Meet little Phoebe… At first she was not so keen on preschool. But now… “she loves it but on the days she's a little reluctant to go the promise of mummy bringing her micro scooter to preschool when i pick her up helps her go off with a smile :) She especially loves her pink daisy helmet and with her bell everyone can hear her coming :) ”. 20160121_120347 Micro Scooters offer schools a Scoot Safe initiative. We are keen to support schools in encouraging the responsible use of scooters as a means of sustainable, healthy, convenient and enjoyable travel. Pupils who scoot or cycle are more confident, more independent and perform better at school! IMG_2235-718x1024 AIMS AND OBJECTIVES FOR SCOOT SAFE
  • To improve skills and confidence when scooting
  • To wear appropriate clothes and helmet when scooting
  • To increase awareness of dangers (driveways, vehicles)
  • To learn safe scooting practice (stopping at kerbs / crossing roads, safer routes to school)
  • To improve awareness of other pavement users (especially pedestrians)
If you think your school would benefit from scoot safe training please contact us by commenting below or message us on facebook Happy Scooting! IMG_2372-624x1024Scootsafe The Stats Infographic