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The science behind the #secretworkout

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You’ll never guess what we have been up to…

We are very proud to announce that we have been lucky enough to commission the University of Brighton to carry out one of the FIRST EVER UK PILOT studies looking at the responses of adult scooting AND they used Micro Scooters to carry out their research. 

This means that not only can we shout about the benefits of scooting (and there’s loads), but it also means that we can boast confidently as the research was carried out on our very own Micro Flex range. 

Here’s a little bit about the study… 

In December 2015, the study was completed in the Welkin laboratories at the University of Brighton and on the Eastbourne sea front promenade. 

The participants visited the laboratory at 9am for a presentation and to complete pre-exercise health measures and medical questionnaires. 

The participants then met on the seafront where the scooting exercises were undertaken at varying speeds. Two trials were completed to make sure the results were measuring what they should be. 

During both trials, heart rate and calorific energy expenditure, perceived exertion and feel good factor were assessed.

In order to measure these factors, the super bods at University of Brighton looked at the participants stats including:

Body mass

Body fat percentage

Hydration status

Heart rate

Blood pressure

Lung Function


And when the research was undertaken the weather was considered too just to make sure that the study was scientifically above board.

The results!

Adult scooting at a steady pace can burn a whopping 300 kcals an hour. This means you can work off that skinny cappuccino before you get to the office in the morning. For those able to reach speeds of 12km per hour (tho’ it is a bit of a challenge), scooting at higher speeds could burn as much as 480kcals an hour.

It’s true…. Scooting really does promote a healthy lifestyle. As expected, as scooting speeds increased there were greater physiological responses of higher heart rates and larger energy expenditures. Alongside this, the feel good factor increases, so not only do you exercise at a light-moderate intensity, you save on transport costs and it is great fun as well!

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