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How to enjoy #weekdayweekends

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There is so much more to Summer than sunshine and ice cream. Longer, lighter evenings mean you can do things you would perhaps only normally do at weekends.

We call them #weekdayweekends 

Here are some of our favourites.

Alfresco Dining 

The only time of year when the dining table can be abolished. Pack up a picnic, hop on your scooters and take the family to your favourite outdoor destination. Whether that’s the park, the lake or the beach there is something incredibly exciting about eating outdoors. 

Sleepovers in the garden 

A rite of passage for every child. Summer evenings are perfect for sleepovers in the garden. Don’t forget your sleeping bag, torch, reading material and the back door key! 

Nature walks (or scoots) 

Get the family outdoors and active by taking your scooters on a nature hunt. Prepare a list of must see spots before you go. A fun and free family #weekdayweekend. 

Open air cinemas and concerts

There are hundreds of free concerts and open air cinemas across the UK. They provide the entertainment, you merely need to bring yourselves, some snacks and (probably wisely) a cagoule. Visit for local listings.

Pick Your Own

Many pick your own farms up and down the country not only allow you to pick a variety of fruit but they often run classes on how to make preserves or sauces from your picks. Visit