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The magic of a spontaneous scoot

  • 3 min read



Spontaneous scoots should be bottled and given to anyone having dull day. They can turn your day around and into one worth getting up for, giving you back that smile.

Since getting his Micro Kickboard, dad of one and blogger reveals the true magic of his adult three-wheeled scooter.

Here is how a spontaneous scoot guarantees extra smiles in his day.

The thing we were most looking forward to when we got back from holiday was going for a scoot! 

“Is it wrong that the thing we were most looking forward to when we got back from holiday was going for a scoot? I was even using it as a bargaining tool with the little guy. “Just let Daddy have a little longer on the lounger and we’ll go for a really long scoot when we get home” (or something like that..). He’s never been one for sweets (thankfully) but nothing else has ever had the persuasional gravitas that his scooter has. Especially since now I’ve got one too, we always go together.

When I was deciding which scooter to get for myself, I asked for the opinion of my teenage neighbour, a stunt scooter wiz. When he finished laughing, I got a straight faced “Oh… You’re serious?.. then it has to be the two wheeler.” 

I ignored his mockery and his advice and went for the big three wheeled Kickboard Monster; for few reasons. 

1. I like the look of it. 

2. It is the most likely scooter to be robust enough to withstand my inevitable mishaps and most importantly of all… 

3. It is just like a big version of the little man’s Micro Mini Deluxe. Snap! “Look Daddy, we’ve got the same”. This, after all, was the main reason for getting one in the first place. To be able to spend proper quality time making memories with my boy. 

We are out every day on them. Even if it’s just for half an hour. 

When we find a gap in our fun and games at home we seem to share a knowing glance and we’re off. I could’t do this with my bike with all it’s pre-ride checks and having to dig it out of the shed but mainly because it’s just too fast to be enjoyable for just going for a spontaneous adventure with my son. The scooters are perfect. We can go at roughly the same speed (I can almost keep up). I keep them in the boot of the car at the front of the house along with the helmets so going for a scoot takes only about 20 seconds longer to prepare for than going for a walk.

It’s instant fun…

Or so I thought. The little man recently got a bit serious with a little kid that showed a little more interest in his scooter than he liked. I tried explaining that of course other little boys are going to want to have a closer look because they can see that we are having so much fun. To which he responded, “it’s not fun daddy, it’s exercise!” He’s wrong though, it isn’t exercise, I’m actually allergic to exercise. It is most definitely fun. Although I have to admit that I am starting to feel the physical benefits of getting out and about every day.

They are always with us

Another benefit of keeping them in the car is that they are always with us. There are so many places to have a quick impromptu ride. None more so than Mum’s work car park. We’ve never been so early for picking her up. It’s a gentle brick weave bowl. By the time we get there most of the cars are gone. It’s fully enclosed so I can position myself at the entrance while he flies up and down. It also has the added bonus of being able to practice vehicle awareness and safety (responsible dad see?). It might only be 5 minutes, but it’s great knowing we’re never far from a quick blast about.

We have had so much fun this last few weeks that I wholeheartedly recommend scooting to anyone still teetering on their decision. We’re growing closer than ever… if that’s even possible?”