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The benefits of sustainable travel

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We passionately believe spending active time outside makes people healthy and happy. As our cities and towns become increasingly congested now is the time for change to happen. Creating environments for people that are easy to negotiate provide innumerable health benefits and are cost efficient. This is at the very heart of the sustainable travel movement.

Put simply we cannot, as a society continue with the status quo. Now is a time for innovative thinking and easy to use, cost effective solutions. 



A recent study found that ‘Transport accounts for nearly a quarter of current energy-related carbon dioxide emissions with car travel constituting more than three quarters of all vehicle kilometres travelled.’ 

Our society’s dependence on car use is having a detrimental impact to the health of our nation. We are getting fatter, our children are getting fatter. The latest NHS figures report that 26% of adults in the UK are classed as obese (that’s a rise of 15% from 1993). Perhaps more worryingly in 2016/17 10% of children starting school were classified as obese. 

Encouraging more of us to leave our cars at home more often WILL have a positive impact on the health of a generation. A study from Brighton University has shown scooting can burn a whopping 300kcals an hour. Other studies have shown the health benefits of cycling and walking. 

The health of a generation is at stake – the sustainable transport movement must be put at the top of everyone’s agendas. 


‘The cost per minute of the commute is like calling a premium rate number as fare rises continue to rise’ – Campaign for Better Transport

The CBT found that some of us are paying up to 27 pence per minute during our daily commute to work. The cost of fuel, parking charges and insurance are just some of the costs associated with owning a car – and each of them continue to rise. 

Some government bodies estimate that on average an individual spends up to 15% of their income on transport costs. 

The financial benefits of sustainable travel are not just for our personal pocket. The economic benefits of providing solutions that are more cost efficient to run, require less maintenance and have less reliance on expensive products to run them could provide huge cost savings to the government. Which in turn, could free up money to be spent elsewhere. 


We have form in this area. Did you know that now over 2 million children scoot to school every day? 20 years ago when we invented the first folding aluminium scooter this was pretty much unheard of. There is a revolution sweeping the school run and we are proud to be at the forefront of it. 

From encouraging and supporting initiatives likes Sustrans’ Big Pedal to our own “free wheel Fridays” and “wheelie Wednesdays” we are huge advocates of getting children and their families to travel to school in a sustainable and fun way. 

We support schools and local councils with discounted rates on scooters and bikes. We can also provide the infrastructure for you to do so. From providing children’s safety helmets, lights and locks to donating adult scooters to school to enable whole families’ to get to the school gates in a sustainable way. 


There is a wealth of government funding available to schools in order to support their sustainable travel efforts. The more cars at the school gates the more air pollution there is and the worse the health of our children will be.

Stopping car use at your school may seem like an impossible task but there are organisations (including ours) who can help you and can provide funding for you to do so. 

Get in touch with us and we can help supply scooters and bikes for your school population to trial. 

Local government departments have funding available to help you. Take the example of some London schools who have been awarded £10,000 each to tackle air pollution outside their schools. 

Schemes such as STARS, TFL’s accreditation scheme for London schools is a great place to get inspired with ideas for your school. 

Local organisations may also be untapped resources of financial help for your school. They may sponsor a banner outside your school or give prizes to families who come to school more sustainably. 


A study of 2,000 workers found those who take the train, tube or bus are three times more stressed – and twice as tired – as those able to walk all, or most of the journey. 

Tired, stressed employees will not be healthy, happy, productive employees. We believe more organisations should do more to provide an environment in which their employees are healthy. 

At Micro Scooters we run a “scooters for workplaces” scheme in which we will give you 2 adult scooters for free in order for you to trial sustainable transport within your organisation. 

The benefits of introducing a different way to travel for your employees include: 

• Happier, more productive employees

• Helps to strengthen your CSR policy

• Cuts down on your expenses bill for taxis and parking

• Employees can scoot between meetings or locations

• End the war on car parking spaces

• Scooting every day is proven to increase concentration levels

To claim your 2 free adult scooters and kick of a sustainable transport initiative within your company get in touch with us here 


We think the immediate future is in sharing apps. With the likes of Bird and Lime introducing electric scooter sharing in America and with electric scooter schemes being an everyday thing in Paris we believe the wheels are headed in the right direction. However, long term we believe electric scooter ownership is the more sustainable solution.

Making sustainable transport methods easy and accessible for people across the UK is important. Legislation much catch up with what the pioneers of sustainable transport are trying to achieve. 

Scooting provides an easy and efficient way for people to conduct their “first and last mile” journeys. Its great for the environment, has amazing health benefits and is easy on the pocket too. 

The technology is there. The need for sustainable transport solutions is huge we believe that government and legislators need to keep up in order for the creativity and innovative ideas to happen. 


We can provide scooters, bikes and accessories at a reduced cost/free of charge to schools.

We can provide scooters, bikes and accessories at a reduced cost/free of charge to workplaces.

We run sustainable travel schemes including Scoot Safe and National scoot to school week you can get involved in.

We run Scooter Aid, our charitable scheme which donates scooter to good causes across the UK.

If you would like to get in touch with us about anything to do with sustainable transport please email us, pick up the phone or contact us via social media links below.