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So, what’s all the ‘buzz’ about electric scooters? Well, not only are they enormous fun but they offer a real alternative for people seeking greener, cheaper transport solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the latest reviews… The Commuter Hero Martin Love, reviewed the Micro Falcon X3 for The Guardian after observing the huge rise in electric personal transportation being used as ‘last mile’ vehicles. He commented “Micro’s Falcon X3 will make that last leg of your journey the most fun. It’s a lightweight folding scooter propelled by a surprisingly juicy motor. It has a top speed of 25kmh, which feels thrilling on its little wheels, and is operated with a simple grip twist. There’s a rear brake light, too, for added safety. It only takes seconds to fold, fling over your shoulder and then stride into the office. Remember to wipe the smile off your face, though: you are an adult”. Read the full review here >> The Comfort Hero The Rapid Reviews team put both the Micro Falcon and its big brother, the Micro Condor to the test. Proving that both options pack a power punch with their 500W motors - “enough to conquer even the steepest hills in London” remarked the team, it was the Micro Condor that soared. Scoring 5-stars for comfort and 4 for portability, Rapid Reviews concluded “anyone needing to cruise over a longer range, of up to 20km, should choose the Condor. It is a fraction heavier but, thanks to having slightly larger anti-slip rubber wheels, it offers a higher level of comfort. Read the full review here >> The Big-Fun Hero Absolute Gadget recently remarked that the Micro Falcon X3 is “the electric scooter that offers more beyond a mere kid’s toy” and is “a step up from the humble push scooter”. Commenting how the team had a lot of fun trying out the scooter, they noted its potential for offering an efficient and cheaper alternative to getting in the car to go to work. While it ticked many boxes, the standouts of the Micro Falcon electric scooter included a top speed of 25kmh, a travel range of up to 10km and the 4-ride programmes – eco, standard, sport and active with discreet LEDs built into the deck to show the speed setting and remaining charge. Read the full review here >> For more information about adult electric scooters go to