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Why scooting is good for the soul

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How is it 9pm already?!

Most of us have been in that moment where the day passes us by in a whirlwind, leaving us questioning “How is it 9pm already!?”. Chances are that these are the days when you’ve forgotten your ‘mindfulness’.

Top marks for getting the children to clubs on time, unloading the dishwasher <twice> and reaching the bottom of the ironing pile. However nil points for thinking about you and being kind to your soul. 

6 ways that scooting is great for your soul 

Sure, being a scooter brand we are bound to say this, but hear us out, it’s true. Here are 6 ways that scooting is great for the soul and can make a difference to the everyday.

1. Scooting is a form of exercise 

…and exercise is great for:

  • Reducing stress 
  • Improving the mood
  • Lifting self-esteem
  • Making us feel good about ourselves

2. It allows us to get out into nature

and taking part in nature-based activities helps reduce stress.

3. Scooting gives a perfect opportunity to reflect. 

After leaving your children at the school gates means you have some ‘you time’, scooting home. Going at a speed faster than pedestrians removes frustrations of being held up. The excuse of scooting mean you can scoot off from conversations at the school gates, giving you some time out before the routine kicks in. It gives you the chance to breathe deeply again, happily knowing you’ve bagged another successful morning school run.

4. Scooting creates a special bubble of connection. 

Perhaps it is the speed that you travel at or the novel idea that mummy or daddy are joining in with your child’s preferred mode of transport. Time seems to stand still when your scooting alongside your child, chatting about the days adventure ahead. It will also make you smile from within, which can help decrease stress hormones.

5. Scooting gives a alternative slant to the dreaded rat race. 

Everyone heading to the station in the same tiresome way, on the same route, queuing in traffic clogged streets. Scooting throws a curve ball at the traditional journeys and allows for choice. Breaking free from the routine, the expected and the ordinary gives control and freedom over our lives and that on its own is a great feeling.

6. Scooting allows small changes to be made and making small changes is important. 

Whether it be a scoot to the local coffee shop (when you’d normally have driven) or a scoot with friends on your lunch break (when you’d have normally have stayed at your desk). We are passionate about the positive ways that scooting can make to the everyday and the ordinary. Sometimes it is the smallest of steps that can make the biggest differences.

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