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36 things to do on your scooter during the Summer holidays

  • 4 min read



Summer holidays. Again?… 

But don’t panic! Here are 36 brilliant things to do on or with your scooter this Summer….. 

1. Scooter MOT – first things first. Make sure your scooter is in good working condition by following our simple checklist. 

Scooter rounders – use your scooters to make stumps or use your scooter to make a rounder.

Scootercise – get the children to practice their scooters skills and improve their co-ordination. We have devised activities for parents too – see them here.

Synchronised scooting. A dance. On scooters. At the same time. Fun for them, hilarious for you to watch.

Pancake Day – definitely no cooking while scooting but what about taking part or organising a charity pancake race with the children on their scooters?

Scooting Club – the children could create a “secret” scooting club. Create a den for them to discuss all things scooter – while you have a 5 minute break and a good strong cup of tea.

Scooter Cards – create greetings cards, bookmarks with scooter shaped themes.

Design your own scooter – is your little one an inventor in training? Give them a theme “design your own scooter” and ask them to come up with a ideas.

Time & distance fun – When you are next out and about with the children ask them how long it will take them to scoot to landmarks in the distance. Our sneaky (but fun) way of helping children to understand time.

Scooter Decoration – ask the children to design a new accessory for their scooter

Go birdwatching on your scooter. You can download this brilliant app to help you identify different species.

Scooter Maps – create a scooter friendly map which shows the best places to scoot near you.

Make a kite. A scooter shaped kite? Use this step by step guide to help you on your way.

Scooter Fancy Dress – the only limit to what you can do with your scooter is your imagination. Perhaps you could be a knight on a horse, a pirate on a ship, a princess in a tower or a CEO in a crane {?!)

Silly scooter sounds – telling stories (that include lots of noises) are so much better while on your scooter.

Shadow pictures – shadow pictures are really fun – even better to create shadow pictures on your scooter. There’s some great references on how to do so here

Scooter Track – if at home or in the park it’s easy to create a scooter course from everyday materials (my favourite trick is to use the garden hose to lay out a course).

Scooter Geocaches – locating treasure people have left for you to find is very exciting. The best place to start is

Red Light Green Light scooter race – the scooter version of grandmother’s footsteps/Mr Wolf on scooters.

Conker competition – use your scooters to find the loveliest conkers around. In my opinion no childhood is complete without taking place in a conker contest or two.

Holiday diary – or a family holiday diary. Use the diary to document your scooting journeys, to stick mementos of your day out in or to remember your favourite scooting games!

Scooter It or tag

And while they are at it – why not try carry tag? Simply passing an object from one scooter rider to the next. Sounds easy in theory…

Scooter on Holiday – scooters are the perfect way to get about on holiday. I am also the perfect companion to take on holiday and will accept almost all invitations.

Micro Pond Dipping – take a picnic and find out what strange and interesting creatures lurk in your local pond.

Scooter Den – because all children should build a den.

Seaside Scooting – a sojourn to the seaside with your bucket and spade is not complete without a scooter to scoot along the sea front with.

Scooter Art – be inspired by Jackson Pollock and use your scooter as a paintbrush. 

Treasure hunt scoots – whether at home, in the garden, or at your local park its easy to create your very own treasure hunt.

Learn a scooter trick. From a simple bunny hop to a backflip now’s the time to improve your scooter skills.

Library Scoot. Why not visit your local library on your scooter? Find a scooter safe path, arrange to go with your friends and take a rucksack for your books.

Get ready for mother’s day/grandmother’s day by getting the children to decorate their scooters and going for a scoot together.

Visit a scooter park. Did you know that the techniques used for skateboarding can also be used on scooters? Find a park near you to pick up some hints and tips here

Scooter nature hunt. This is a great way to explore when you’re out and about in parks or woods on your Micro scooter. Take a “hunter’s kit” to find and store bugs, plants and grasses. Click here for a sheet on how to organise and record your findings.

Easter Egg – Practice Run. Because Easter holidays will be with you soon (panic not) and to help you cope I think it’s imperative for children to hone their Easter egg hunting skills. It is as equally important for you to “test” their finds first of course.

Finally, make sure you are ready for your scoot back to school (because half term will be over soon – I promise) by having a look at our top tips for the perfect scoot to school.

36 free and fun ways to spend this Summer – done.

Can you help get it to 50? What are your tips for enjoying the Summer holidays? Please do share them in the comments below.