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Scootin' all over the world

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3500 km, four continents and 21 countries in 363 days – with a Micro Scooter

That’s the “micro” journey Alban Lanthier and Hugues Renous, two Parisian economics students made last year.

Alban and Hugues (both 24) spent a year travelling on their adult Micro scooters to promote social entrepreneurship in 21 countries.

During the course of their journey, they met around fifty entrepreneurs who, through their innovations and economic approaches to social and environmental problems, have each made their own small contribution to changing the world.

Their journey commenced in Uganda. Travelling on their Micro Flex scooters, Hugues and Alban crossed the African savannah and safari parks such as the Mikumi National Park in Tanzania. They were greeted by hordes of children on their arrival in each of the villages they visited. The Micro scooters also attracted the attention of the children!

The scooters really came in to their however when it came to finding shelter in a private dwelling or putting up their tent beside the Headman or Chief of a Village.

The two students attracted attention wherever they went, including the interest of their business contacts. These also included Semyon Dukach, the famous blackjack player, inspiration for the Hollywood movie “21” and a business angel who has invested in a variety of social enterprises.

The boys then crossed the Atlantic to continue their journey in Argentina. Traversing the South American continent from Ushuaia to Bogota over the Andes proved to be an extremely strenuous odyssey, but also a journey packed with adventure.

They made the acquaintance of extraordinary people along the way, including a physician in Argentina who developed a health system for people in need, a cocaine planter who converted to the cultivation of cocoa and is today involved in the reforestation of Amazonia and a Columbian biologist who invented a special sugar wafer (panela) to combat in part massive levels of malnutrition among children.

Following a short stay in San Francisco where they wanted to take a closer look at technology in Silicon Valley, they flew across the Pacific to reach their final destination: Southeast Asia. Weather conditions here proved to be extremely difficult, with 100% humidity and an average temperature of 35°C, but this was not enough to stop our two adventurers travelling a further 1000 km through Cambodia and Malaysia on their Micro scooters.

Now back home and with a few blisters or two the boys are preparing for their next Micro adventure.

The boys’ awe inspiring journey certainly ranks near the top if not the summit of micro journeys. But can you beat it?

Have you taken part in a once in lifetime journey? Are you planning an adventure to end all adventures?

Let us know in the comments below .