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How to get fit & lose weight - for free

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One word.


Two words. 

Get fit 

Lots more words…. 

Tired of extortionate gym membership fees? Feeling a little self conscious at spin class? Can’t find the time to get your (wobbly) bottom out of the house and down to the gym in the first place? 

Fear not. There is a solution. 

We have teamed up with fitness specialist Mari-Anne Elder to bring you a range of exercises suitable for adults, children and post natal women which will help with: 

  • fat burning 
  • core-conditioning
  • endurance building
  • agility, strength, stability and co-ordination
  • toning

Broken into three 45 minute workouts the exercise are simple to do.

The drills can be incorporated into your daily scooting activity. So while you are on the school run with the children, scooting to the station as part of your journey to work or out and about as a family at the weekend. 

No need for special trips to the gym, babysitters to look after the children while you do so, monthly fees or horror of horrors – communal showers. 

Our Scootercise scheme has been written about in The Times as an alternative fitness solution.

The biggest health club chain in the UK currently charges a minimum of £40 per month (plus a joining fee of £25) for use of their gyms. That’s a hefty £500 per year for the privilege of using someone else’s gym equipment. Could Scootercise be the alternative for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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