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Which are the best outdoor skateparks in the UK?

  • 2 min read

We have found some of the best outdoor skateparks across the UK – from some of the oldest skateparks – to some of the very newest.


Outdoor skateparks are becoming the place to be seen again, and are suitable for scooters, skateboards and BMX’s.

Extreme urban sports are now a must for most youngsters and teenagers, with Stunt scootering now the fastest growing youth sport, thanks to the incredible success of the similar pursuits, BMXing and Skateboarding. 

Urban extreme sports are growing in popularity and outdoor skateparks can be found in most towns and villages, so there is likely to be one near you. 

Most skateparks have something for beginners, like mini ramps and bigger skateparks also have a bowl, for the more experienced riders. 


    ZE1 0AX

    Lerwick Skatepark – billed as the best skatepark on the island since it was built in 2014, by Wheelscape, this outdoor, concrete park offers something for everyone. It boasts a stair set, rail, hubba, euro gap and a manny pad, and the selection of obstacles make it great, whatever your preference.


    EH54 6QU 

    Livingston – Built in 1981, this became one of the most important facilities in Britain, when most other commercial skate parks were closing. This free, outdoor, unsupervised park gained international status and has been extended twice since its first inception and now boasts some smaller bowls, fullpipe, pools and a street area.


    H49 BDR

    Hereford Skatepark A free skatepark for everyone. Herefordshire Charity run, for the community – this is one of the biggest skateparks in the country. 


    NN1 5NX

    Radlands Plaza Northampton is one of the Uk’s best street scoot and skate spots. This concrete skate plaza that opened in 2012 boasts a big, spacey feel and looks amazing on film – so if you’re after catching your tricks on video this place is well worth a visit. 


    WD18 0HZ 

    Oxhey Activity Park, Watford. This multi-purpose facility designed specifically for boards, scooters and bikes has everything you need for a full day mastering tricks and flicks.


    RM12 4ES 

    The Rom – Hornchurch. London. Designed by Adrian Rolt and Grade II Listed. An absolute icon – this outdoor skatepark that puts itself firmly in Essex, has become a community hub for creativity.  


    SE1 8SW 

    London Southbank Skatepark is legendary. This plaza style scoot and skate area, well-known for the street art that adorns every inch of the concrete underbelly of the Southbank is great for participants and spectators alike. Right on the Thames, in the heart of the Capital, a variety of ledges, banks and a set of stairs make this a place to show off your skills.  


    SA61 1TP 

    Haverford West Wales opened in 2014 an offers a popular and amazing outdoor facility, and with its many transitions and street elements there is something for everyone.    


    TR7 2LZ

    Newquay Skatepark. Concrete Waves. A large, purpose-built, world class outdoor skatepark, designed to meet the needs of the wheeled sports community in Cornwall.