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Best Scooter And Bike Helmets 2022

  • 4 min read

Best Scooter And Bike Helmets 2022


We believe everyone should wear a helmet when scooting or cycling. This article rounds up the best helmets of 2022.  It will also give you advice on how to fit a helmet, how to measure your head to get the right sized helmet plus lots more tips and advice for safe scooting or biking adventures.


What is the best helmet for scootering?

The best helmet for scooters should feature ALL of the following:

  • A helmet that conforms to safety standard EN1078
  • Adjustable side straps 
  • Rear sizing dial
  • Air vents to keep heads cool
  • Removable inner padding 
  • A magnetic chin clasp
  •  Rear flashing light

Should helmets be worn on scooters?

In short, yes. It is imperative that kids and adults wear a properly fitted helmet when scooting. A helmet that meets safety standards, is fitted correctly and worn correctly will drastically protect the rider from any injuries. 



  What should I look for when buying a scooter helmet?

 The helmet should meet safety standard EN1078.  This standard is a European standard published in 1997 and specifies the test requirements and build material for helmets. 

Adjustable straps and rear sizing wheel. This ensures the helmet can be fitted to the exact measurements of the riders head. Keeping them fully protected and safe when scooting or cycling.        

Ensure the brim of the helmet covers as much of the rider’s forehead as possible




How do you measure for a scooter helmet?

This video shows you how to measure for a scooter helmet >>                   

  • Place a measuring tape above the ears and above the eyebrows
  • Wrap the tape around your head 
  • Note down the measurement

Is there a difference between a bike helmet and a scooter helmet?

No, bike helmets and scooter helmets should meet safety standard EN1078. The only difference between the two is the shape of the helmet.  Most bike helmets have a more aerodynamic shape. Scooter helmets tend to sit lower down on the forehead – providing greater protection.   All Micro Scooters helmets are suitable for bikes, scooters, roller skates and roller blades.

Do you need a helmet for a kids scooter?

Yes, we believe every child should wear a properly fitted helmet when using their scooter. We know that getting your child to actually wear a helmet can be tricky.  This is why all Micro helmets come in a range of styles and prints – making it fun to for your child to wear a helmet.   

 Micro helmets also feature a range of clever additions that make it quick, easy and comfortable for your child to wear when scooting.  Features include a pinch free, magnetic chin buckle which means there is no catching the skin when doing the helmet up.  Air vents to keep heads cool. Removable padding to ensure the helmet is comfy on the head. Adjustable side straps to ensure the helmet sits perfectly on the head but is also comfortable. 

Micro helmets also come in a range of colours, prints and styles – from dinosaurs to unicorns and everything in between.  Because safe scooting should be fun.

What is the correct fit and style for a helmet?

Once you’ve measured your head and chosen an appropriately sized helmet it is imperative to fit a scooter or bike helmet to the person wearing it.  This is how you do that   

 1.  Ensure any foam padding on the inside of the helmet is secure 

 2.  Place the helmet (undone) on your head 

 3.  Turn the sizing dial at the back of the helmet until it is snug on the head 

 4.  With all straps undone – shake your head from left to right – the helmet should not come loose 

 5.  With the straps still undone – bend over so your head is pointing to the floor…. 

 6.    ….the helmet should not fall off 

 7.    Now buckle up the chin strap. The straps should be snug enough to get only a finger or two underneath   

If your helmet falls off at any point during steps 4 or 5 you should adjust the rear sizing dial at the back of the helmet and adjust the foam pads.  If it still falls off, then a smaller helmet may be required.   This helmet fitting videoexplains all the steps above

  How do you measure a child’s head for a scooter helmet?

It is vitally important to measure your child’s head for a scooter or bike helmet.  Children’s heads are like children’s feets.  The size required does not correspond to the age of the child.   

 We have known 2 year olds to measure for a large helmet and 9 year olds to measure for a small helmet.   Its really quick and simple to measure your child’s head for a helmet.  

Simply take a tape measure. Place your measurement tool around your child’s head. The measuring tape should be placed above the ears and eyebrows.

 What age is 50-54cm helmet?

The table below shows you whether to buy a small, medium or large helmet depending on the measurements of your head.

46-50cm choose an extra small Micro helmet.

48-52 choose a small Micro Helmet. If measuring 52cm choose a medium helmet.

50-54cm choose a small/medium Micro Helmet. 

53-57cm choose a medium Micro Helmet.  If measuring 57cm choose a large helmet.

58-61cm choose a large Micro Helmet.

 What are the best scooter and bike helmets of 2022?

Micro Dinosaur Scooter and Bike Helmet – rating 4.8/5. 601 reviews. Available in small, medium and large

Micro Unicorn Scooter and Bike Helmet – rating 4.9/5. 750 reviews. Available in small, medium and large 

Micro 3D Scooter and Bike Helmet– rating 5/5. 412 reviews.