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How the Trike can help boost toddler independence

  • 3 min read

When should children to start exploring the world around them? The answer is subjective and entirely up to the parent, naturally.

However, when you get an inkling that the time is right and your toddler starts to show an interest in becoming a little more independent, then we have a really rather exciting solution. Our Trike allows children the independence that they crave without handing over the reins entirely. A win for the child and for the parent too. What this means is that the Micro Trike offers a travel solution that gets you from A to B easily and keeps your child smiling as they feel a bit more in control of their journey.

The Micro Trike is the next generation pushchair

If you are looking for ways to encourage independence in young children this blog explains why the Trike would be perfect. "Besides love, independence of thought is the greatest gift an adult can give a child". Bryce Courtenay

How the Micro Trike will make a difference to your everyday.

The Trike is fantastic in so many ways. When it comes to independence here's how it can make a world of difference to your everyday;
  1. A change of vantage point. The Trike offers an entirely different seating position to that of the traditional pushchair. The upright position allows the child to observe the world around them with a new perspective.
  2. Sense of control. The position of the child on the Trike means that they are in an upright position and have hold of the handlebars and whilst the parent ultimately controls the speed and direction of the Trike, the child is happy in the sense of feeling that they are the ones in control.
  3. Ability to jump on and off themselves with ease. They no longer rely on you to lift them into position and fosters an 'I can do it' attitude.
  4. Adjustable footrest. This can be set where your child needs it, making them feel secure whilst sitting down for everyday journeys.
  5. Simplistic 21st Century design. The design is modern, iconic and minimalist, it is very different to anything else available on the market. The child is not boxed in which means that you can communicate freely and openly and discuss the adventures of your journey with greater ease.
  6. Lightweight and easy to maneuver. An absolute essential detail for journeys around a busy town. What it also means is that your child can use the trike to push their own teddies around and older children can get involved pushing younger siblings too. The Micro Trike takes up less storage space at home and in the car compared to traditional strollers and buggies. Put an end to clunky, bulky and heavy buggies, pushchairs and trikes. The Micro Trike is so lightweight it can be picked up with one hand making it a breeze to carry or push along.
  7. The next generation pushchair. It provides the perfect transition from pushchair to walking. It is lightweight and very easy to carry, it folds down neatly and compactly allowing it to be stored in the smallest of spaces. Yet offers a very sturdy, robust solution for children when their little legs begin to tire and ideal for those still adamant to be a part of the adventure and not quite ready to be strapped back into a buggy.
Here you can watch the Trike in action >> We sent out some Trikes for review, here's the feedback we got from those who trialed it. Here they explain why the Trike has made a difference to them and their everyday journeys >> You can find out a bit more about the Trike here>> Shop the Micro Trike here >> As with all of our wheeled products, we recommend children wear a helmet when using the Trike.The safety strap should always be worn with little hands kept on the handle bars and small feet on the foot rest for stability.Caution should be exercised when moving up or down kerb.