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Micro Trike: The next generation pushchair

  • 3 min read

There's a new Micro in town and it is a game changer!

Cleverly designed to revolutionise the every day the Micro Trike puts an end to clunky, noisy and hard to steer children's and toddlers strollers and pushchairs.

An innovation in toddler travel systems

The Micro Trike is perfect for pre-preschoolers who dislike the pushchair and are craving for independence. The upright seating position allows your child feel like they are in the driving seat and enables them to engage with their surroundings. The Micro Trike is incredibly lightweight, with special wheels that make it quiet and easy to manoeuvre; it folds down neatly and compactly allowing it to be stored in the smallest of spaces. It is the next generation pushchair for 21st Century parents and toddlers. We think it is really rather special and think that you will too.

Customer reviews

Here are some feedback on what others have said about the Trike.

A fun way to travel without the need of a pram

It's light, compact, easy for you, grandparent or sibling to operate one handed. Turns a potentially tired preschooler's walk into a fun way to travel without the need to lug a heavy pram around as well as being able to jump off it when their legs start to work again. Able to easily store in any car without taking up loads of space. Great for when in a rush and time is scarce. J Flowers.

The perfect compromise for the pre-schooler

We love our trike! Too independent for the buggy but not old enough to have free reign, the trike is the perfect compromise for the pre-schooler. The child gets the feeling of control holding onto the bars and sitting up right for a ride and the fun of dinging their bell, whilst the adult holds the handle and decides the direction. Great for nipping in and out of the shops and taking on the bus and train due to its compact fold. The trike is even perfect for taking on a day trip such as a zoo or theme park for when their little legs get tired, we were able to attach it to our back pack when not in use due to its small and leightweight size. G Gibson

It creates toddler independence

We love the trike because it allows him to be involved in what’s happening around him. He can get up close to things and enjoy everything on days out whilst resting his legs. It’s the gap between being a baby strapped in to walking everywhere. It creates toddler independence. Parenting friendly apparatus. A Scott.

Leave the boring pushchair at home and ride in style

Our trike is fantastic for our daughter! If we're going out for the day we can leave the boring and heavy push chair at home and she can ride in style. If she wants to get off to investigate something or to play the trike is light enough to simply strap on my rucksack and carry along! M Keys

Easily whizz through crowded places

We can't live without our trike. It's light, easy to whizz through busy crowded places. Plus if you have a child at that awkward "I'm too big for the pushchair but don't want to walk" age it's fantastic. Folds so easily it makes a great alternative to the pushchair on holiday too. H calls hers her big girl bike. D Dennison

It neatly folds in he the boot of my car

Our trike makes a quick shopping trip fun for our toddler, as my daughter loves feeling independent and not restricted to a pushchair. We also use it on the school run as it neatly folds into the boot alongside my sons scooter and she loves feeling like a "big girl" on her wheels too ! L Petre

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The Micro Trike

With a sturdy seat, cosy handle grips and an adjustable footrest, your child will be at their most comfortable, entertained and happy when you are out and about. What's more is that it comes in a choice of colours. Click here to shop the Micro Trike >>