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Create a Treasure Hunt for a perfect Scooting Adventure

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Beverley is one of the members of our customer service team. A walking font of all knowledge she knows everything there is to know about scooters and accessories.

Create a Treasure Hunt that your family can easily follow on their scooters.

Get creative and hide goodies (such as sweets or presents you have made yourself) clues or even photos.

You can then save up the memories for a rainy day and scrap book the #scootingadventure as homework or to keep forever in the memory box.

Get Planning!

So this #scootingadventure will take a little thought and planning. You’ll need to think about the best location and of course where you will hide the treasure. You will also have to consider when you are going to hide your loot; the night before or the morning of the event? Most important is that it is done where others wont see and night time animals can’t ruin the fun.

From compasses to tea stained maps 

You could provide a compass for older children or clever tea stained map and turn your #scootingadventure into a hunt for pirate treasure on the seven seas! Use this map to write down the instructions. 

Don’t forget to make it suitable for the age of the child e.g. ‘scoot to the old oak tree where you’ll find your next clue’. 

If you’re a smidge time-poor or in need of a bit more inspiration, you can follow this link to a wonderful website containing lots of ready-made treasure trails and guides ready for you to enjoy right away. 

Share your adventure with us 

We love to see what our #scootingexplorers get up to, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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