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Micro adventures: Scooter Art

  • 2 min read




Use your scooter to create a work of art by using a scooter to paint a large picture outside.

This idea is inspired by the artwork of ‘action’ artist Jackson Pollock who literally used to throw the paint onto his canvas.

You will need:

  • Newspaper to cover the ground and to practice on (use large stones to stop the paper blowing away)
  • Large sheets of plain paper or the reverse side of a roll of wall paper
  • Ready-made poster paints in different colours
  • Large margarine (or similar) tubs with lids
  • Old rags

Get Creative!

Cover the ground with newspaper together with an extra layer to practice on first! Put the ready-mixed paint into the upturned lids of the margarine tubs. Fill the actual margarine tub with water to wash your wheels afterwards. Carefully dip your wheels into the paint and scoot around your paper. Try creating different effects and mixing colours. Remember to wash your wheels in the water in between using the different colours. Experiment with steering as you glide along the paper to see what zig-zag patterns you can create.

Why don’t you try hand and footprints too? 

You could use your scooter art as gift wrapping, posters for the bedroom or an imaginative back drop for free play. Dark blues and yellows are great for a space theme, whilst greens and purples would be great for a bluebell wood.

Some other ideas: 

Alternatively, you could fill empty squeezy bottles (like used washing up liquid bottles) with different coloured paint in each. Then get together with friends on their scooters – each with a different colour – and scoot around your giant canvas (could be an old sheet on the ground) shooting and squirting paint onto the canvas. The results will be random, energetic and best of all – its brilliant fun.

If you’re not quite ready to get ‘paint messy’ but inspired by the idea. Choose a dry day when the sun is shining and make patterns on the pavement with wet wheels. You will need a tray of water to wet one or both wheels and your set to go. 

Probably best to remove any wheel whizzers before this activity, wear clothes appropriate and don’t forget to thoroughly wash and dry your wheels afterwards. 

Share your masterpiece with us 

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