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Foil Scooter Sculptures

  • 2 min read



These scooter sculptures are enormous fun and very easy. Make foil figures of you on your scooter inspired by Alberto Giocometti. He was a sculptor born in 1901 and created stick figures which he casted in bronze.

These are great to make – set up a blanket in the garden for an activity outdoors or when the weather is not so good this is an inspired activity to keep little explorers busy till the sun comes out again!

You will need:

  • Pipe cleaners [need to check length]
  • Silver foil
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Modelling clay

Get Sculpting:

Twist the ends of two pipe cleaners together to make legs and keep twisting until you form a body shape as shown. This will form the person in your sculpture.

Make a small ball of paper and then loop a pipe cleaner over it to make a head and two arms. 

Connect the two together using the arms which you wind at least twice around the body shape. 

Roll two feet pieces from modelling clay and push the legs in each one and then adjust the pipe cleaners so that your person stands up. 

Using old scissors cut some thin strips of silver foil and wrap around the pipe cleaners. 

Cover the whole body and then press tightly. For the head, cut a square of foil and then press gradually around the head shape and neck. You can position your figure on a scooter. 

Mums & Dads – why not put an Art-Jar together like the one on this link…put kids and jar at a table, and let the fun begin! 

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