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How schools are tackling pollution at the school gate

  • 2 min read
We are proud to be working with Leeds City Council and other councils across the country to tackle this country's pollution problem. A recent report from Sustrans says "We face an air quality crisis. An invisible issue that kills tens of thousands of people prematurely every year in the UK; that stunts the growth of children’s lungs; and will be the greatest environmental cause of mortality worldwide by 2050, ahead of dirty water and lack of sanitation". We all know we also face a child obesity problem. A 2014 report by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity believes the cost of physical inactivity in the UK costs the economy £20 million a year. There are ways to reduce the threat of these issues. By working together, by working at a local community level and by providing practical solutions to change behaviour. Leeds City Council are one of the most forward thinking councils in this area. The introduction of their scoot to school scheme to tackle air pollution is a fantastic first step. Primary schools across Leeds received Micro scooters (400 Micro scooters in total were given out across the region) to help encourage children and parents to come to school in a more sustainable, healthier, quicker and cheaper way. The scheme has been running for 3 months so far and results are positive. Susan Walker, from Leeds' Safe and Sustainable Influencing Travel Behaviour Team said "The scooter programme has been well received by Leeds schools. The programme is being delivered in 3 waves and we have just completed the 1st wave. Each school is being evaluated and the first school has seen a reduction of 6.5% in car use since the programme has started." CAN YOU DO THE SAME AT YOUR SCHOOL? We are huge supporters of scoot to school schemes and do our utmost to support schools by way of donating product and giving advice and tips on best practice. Our work with Sustrans via the Big Pedal initiative - a countrywide scheme to encourage children to scoot, cycle and walk to school has seen hundreds of thousands children and their families change their behaviour to be more sustainable. This means less cars at the school gates. More wheels (scooter, bike and more) going to and from school. But more importantly a marked impact on the levels of toxic air at schools as well as encouraging a positive relationship with exercise for families all across the UK. We provide free scooters for schools and councils in order for schemes like the one at Leeds Council to be enjoyed by more people. We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch. We believe by working together we will be able to tackle not only our obesity crisis but make toxic air at the school gates a thing of the past. You can find out more about the work Sustrans does here >> We are huge supporters of Mums for Lungs - a fantastic grassroots organisation campaigning for change.