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10 reasons we will be scooting on Clean Air Day 2019

  • 3 min read
As the pioneers of scooting the school run, hopping on 2 wheels for the commute and for enjoying family time outdoors we are proud to be supporting Clean Air Day 2019. We believe journeys are better when the are:
  • sustainable
  • good to the environment
  • great for personal health
  • cost effective
  • take half the time of other methods
  • double the fun
For over two decades we've been behind the movement to get more people on two wheels. Now over 1 million children scoot to school every single day. Thousands of adults are using adult scooters to halve their commutes and even more are using scooters to join in the fun with their kids at the weekends. And all for a good cause. Not only has scooting been proven to be good for your health (mind, body and soul) it also has huge advantages compared to other methods of transport. Most notably scooting is fumeless. It has no negative impact on the air we breathe. This is why we would encourage you to HOP ON, PUSH OFF on Thursday 20th June. Whether Clean Air Day encourages you to scoot, cycle, walk or run your school run/commute/ errand. Together, we can make a huge difference to the quality of air for all. Here are 10 Clean Air facts that might just nudge you away from your car. (Findings taken from
  1. Air pollution levels change with location, different weather conditions, and with the activities that are taking place. It will come as no suprise then that air pollution has been detected at high amounts in and around school gates at school pick up and drop off times.
  2. This year air pollution on a major road in London was 97% lower when the roads were closed for the London Marathon than on a normal Sunday.
  3. It is thought that up to 36,000 deaths each year in the UK are caused by air pollution.
  4. The World Health Organisation (WHO) sets maximum limits for how air pollution that shouldn't be passed. These limits look at daily and annual averages. Almost 2,000 locations in the UK are above these limits and there are places in the UK where the air pollution is three times as high as the WHO limits.
  5. Did you know you could check how polluted your area is using the Government's Air Quality Pollution Tool. You can find it here >>
  6. Children are still developing their organs and immune systems and their smaller bodies and airways make them especially vulnerable to dirty air and water.Because of their size, children are also often closer to sources of air pollution, like car exhausts, than adults.
  7. Being exposed to air pollution can also affect children’s lung function development. In areas with high air pollution, it could be setting some children up for health problems throughout their lives.
  8. Exposure to air pollution can increase cough and phlegm symptoms for adults and it can increase the risk of getting bacterial pneumonia.
  9. Over the longer term, your exposure to air pollution can increase your risk of lung cancer. It has also been linked to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessels), including furring of the arteries.
  10. Lots of research is being done around air pollution now. There is emerging evidence that air pollution can increase your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and that it may increase the risk of getting bladder cancer.
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