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On Monday's most of us don't smile until 11:16 a.m

  • 2 min read
Did you know that on Monday's most of us don't smile until 11:16 a.m! (source). Here are three sad facts as to what else the Monday blues are responsible for:
  1. Half of us will be late for work,struggling to get up after the weekend, according to researchers
  2. On Mondays we will only manage three and a half hours of productive work.
  3. People moan for around 12 minutes on a Monday, about it being... a Monday! Workers like to feel part of their tribe again after the weekend, they need to chat to each other and spend time in communal areas, according to clinical psychologist Professor Alex Gardner.
Scoot to beat stress When it comes to improving your mood and beating stress, scooting has a double-whammy of benefits.
Here's is how Micro Scooters can bring a bit of joy to that miserable day at the end of your weekend:
  1. Scooting literally cuts the time of walking in half. What this potentially means is that scooting from the home to the station will allow you to make that train. Even better! If you're one of the lucky ones who's journey is all down hill, then you might even have time for that espresso.
  2. Exercising (e.g. scooting) can help with mental alertness, so all the experts say. A pilot study at the University of Brighton uncovered great potential of scooting for kickstarting an active lifestyle. It found a person scooting for 30 mins at 4.6mph would burn about 150 cals. Great news for arriving at work ready to start your day.
  3. Unfortunately scooting wont stop people moaning (sorry). However, riding your Micro will make you feel part of a tribe. It will also fix a smile on your face and quite a few of the faces you'll scoot past too.
"Disorganised Monday morning. Stress levels up, convinced we would be late. Got onto scooters and as soon as we started whizzing along all of the rushing stopped and we smiled and laughed and were the first ones at the school gate. Loved every minute and had loads of time to chat to other parents about the genuine joy of scooting " Debbie, Micro Scooter Ambassador, Worcestershire.
If you like the idea of scooting but aren't totally convinced. Micro Scooters currently offer a try before you by scheme. You can loan a scooter for 2 weeks to see how you get on. If its not for you simply return it back to us. Click here to find out more about how the scheme works. Shop the full range of adult scooters here.