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A Micro Scooter is for life not just for Christmas

  • 4 min read

Meet Jim, Micro Scooter Ambassador, husband and blogging dad of two. Jim's latest impartial blog will let you into a secret as to why a Micro Scooter is for life not just for Christmas. We thought that we would share it with you.




You can follow Jim online at OneDadOneBlog. The time is nearly upon us where the big red man brings joy to many through material gifts, some of which find their way onto the scrap heap within days, others which seem a great idea at the time but quickly lose their appeal and finally leave you with one or two which stand the test of time. The ones which not only are built to last, but also bring joy to their users time and time again. Think LEGO, think Tonka Toys (if you’re as old as me), think Corgi, Hornby and you’re in that bracket. Thats why I want to share our love for a certain Micro Scooter. Sure we are ambassadors for the awesome Swiss designed Scooters, however I am under no obligation to write this review and we were also fans of these ‘made to last’ fun machines when we bought H his first Micro Scooter nearly 4 years ago now. I remember back then when we were looking for something to get H a little more mobile outside, and remember thinking whether we should go for a balance bike, a ride on or a scooter (incidentally Micro have products for all three of these areas now) and wanted something which was both stylish and built to last. Some people may call me a snob but sure you can go out and spend £30 on a scooter, or £50 on a sound making, battery eating ride on but not only do you then see these things either not appropriate a year later due to your little one growing or you find them broken / covered in rust or a death trap you wouldn’t even sell to your worst enemy on Facebook.




Micro Scooters typically have 3 wheels and a unique turning system for their younger Scooters using a ‘lean to turn’ method meaning that little ones can pick up the process quicker and feel a lot safer thanks to the scooter being able to stand unaided. It also means that you won’t find it lying scuffed in the payment when you reach the park or in the back garden. They also come in a fantastic array of different colour combinations as well as being able to choose your own colours for all elements of the scooters such as handle grips, scoot shaft, kickboard and brake. Throw into their catalogue two wheeled, stunt and even adult scooters as well as scooter suitcases, trikes and now wagons and you certainly have a mix of active and fun products.





Their accessories are also endless too ranging from helmets through to bells, lights, windmills, poncho’s and carry handles too meaning it becomes a breeze to take on the school run and more importantly carry back too. Both H and D have scooters; H has the Maxi Micro Deluxe Scooter in Black, ideal for 6-12 year olds (H was 5 when he got his and was able to use it straight the way) which is a three wheeled scooter with adjustable handlebar so it grows with him as well as being able to stand weight of up to 70kg (so effectively an adult, well Mrs F, maybe not me). It also features an ironised shaft meaning its protected from corrosion. This retails at around £119.95 however at the time of writing this, there were some fantastic offers on some of the Deluxe models which included a helmet and light for the same price. H has accessorised his scooter with a noise maker and light.


img_3602 D is currently loving her first Micro, the Mini Micro Deluxe in Pink. Like her older brothers, her scooter benefits from an adjustable handlebar so can grow with her as well as being lightweight and importantly three wheeled meaning she is able to build her confidence and speed as she learns. D rocks hers with ribbons and wheel whizzer accessories and of course a purple floral helmet.




We take their scooters everywhere with us be it walks, the park, on holidays and our favourite weekend haunt, Trentham Gardens which is fantastic for them to enjoy big spaces and scooting until their hearts are content. If you are looking to purchase a Scooter for Christmas, even for a birthday or simply because your awesome, then I really encourage you to buy a Micro Scooter, you won’t regret it. We wouldn’t choose anything different…. Until next time Jim x p.s. Did I mention I have one too…. ? img_1717 NB: We are ambassadors for the fantastic Micro Scooter brand however this post isn’t part of any requirements and I would recommend Micro Scooters to anyone regardless being part of their fantastic fan base.