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How to be 'Commuter Savvy'

  • 2 min read
Learning how to be 'commuter savvy' is important to achieve a work- life balance. 6pm meetings, no time for life admin, getting home after the children are in bed. These are all clues which suggest that we may have failed to achieve a balance. In addition to this and according to the TUC (Trades Union Congress) Workers in the UK currently work the longest hours in Europe, take the shortest lunch breaks and enjoy the fewest public holidays. Here's Micro's top 5 tips on how to be commuter savvy and earn back precious time in your day:
  1. Be clever about when you exercise
blog-cat-adult-scooting The NHS recommends that in order for adults to stay healthy they should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week(as well as strength exercises on 2 of these days) . Surprisingly, that is equivalent to just 21 minutes of exercise a day. By swapping your car for your scooter for those short journeys will mean that you are exercising without even thinking about it. Instead of hitting the gym it will mean you can keep your evening free for some important down time. 2. Your home to the station might be closer than you think! If you're guilty of jumping in the car at every opportunity it might be worth checking out just how far from home the nearest station is. The Journey Planner by National Railuses a clever tool to search stations from your postcode. This will allow you to see those nearest to your home and their distance. Jumping on a scooter literally cuts walking time in half, so you could be there quicker than you think. You'll also banish the stress of finding a parking space and the rigmarole of no spare change to boot! 3. Ensure that you take a proper lunch break. go-faster-break4lunch Break for lunch and enjoy increased mental alertness and productivity for the afternoon in the office. Even better get out on your scooter and make it to your favourite baguette shop, normally just out of walking distance. 4. Leave work on time. If you have to work late or get caught chatting on the way out the office, rest assured that your Micro scooter will cut the time it takes to walk in half; you may just catch that train afterall. 5. Catch up with a friend innovations-ambassador-stories Sharing an interest with friends can leave you feeling pretty special. For this reason, try to make time to catch up over coffee, go to the cinema, better still take a scoot together to the park. All things considered, achieving a work life balance and becoming more 'commuter savvy' could be the ultimate resolution this year. You can shop the full range of adult scooters here.