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How Do I Choose a Stunt Scooter?

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This article aims to offer you all of the essential information you need to choose the right trick scooter for yourself or the little rider in your life, and to give you a brief insight into the increasingly popular sport of stunt scooting, so that you too can become part of the extreme sport that has exploded in popularity since its inception in 1999...

With an estimated 2100 community skateparks in the UK, and an increasing number of leisure facilities developing their own outdoor and indoor stunt riding areas it is not surprising that the incredibly accessible sport of stunt scooting is on the rise.   

2021 saw the 9th annual Official World Scooter Championships with the disciplines of “park” and “street” taking centre stage and the International Scooter Federation was formed earlier this year too, established to connect the global scooter community and provide information and advice on everything from safety to lifestyle and to competitions.

Why Stunt Scooting is on the rise…  

It is undeniable that the sport takes a huge amount of practice, perseverance and strength of body and mind, but with many children now learning to ride a scooter from as early as 18 months old, it seems a natural progression for many (as young as age 5) to move to the more exciting and performance-based pastime of stunt scooting, rather than only using a scooter to get from A to B. 

and how it has shaped the success of a Team GB Athlete… 

Stunt scooting is building its presence in Youth Sport and is increasingly being considered as a gateway sport – encouraging an active lifestyle, skill based learning and social inclusion to millions of young people every year. Team GB’s very own Olympic gold medal winner, Charlotte Worthington attributes her introduction into her sport of BMX riding to her early years practicing tricks on a scooter.   

Everything You Need To Know About Stunt Scooters   

If the stunt scooter world is where you think you’re heading but you still have unanswered questions, have a look at the following essential information to help you make the best choice for you or the little rider in your life.   

Do Stunt Scooters Fold? 

Stunt or freestyle scootersdon’t fold for one simple reason – durability. Convenience takes a back seat and the ability to perform bunny hops, tail whips and fakie becomes the no.1 criteria for any wannabe pro stunt scooters. Similarly, stunt scooters are generally made from components that are reinforced and more durable, with the higher spec ones using strong aluminum for lightness and ease of use. 

What Height Should the Handlebar be? 

 The bars are also not height adjustable (unless bespoke cut) for the same safety and durability reasons and it is recommended that the handlebar height for stunt scooting should sit between the front pockets on a pair of jeans and the rider’s tummy button. This lower positioning allows for a strong-arm stance and makes whips, spins and jumps more accessible. Additionally, the further away from faces and chins, the better, for obvious reasons. 

What Width Should the Handlebar be? 

The width of the handlebars on a stunt scooter also differs to that of pavement scooter and as a rough guide the handlebars should coincide with the shoulder width of the rider, to assist with balance when performing stunts.     

What about weight? 

When it comes to trick scooters, it is also worth considering the weight of the scooter itself. Many tricks involve lifting the scooter, so getting the right balance between size and weight can make a difference. An ideal weight for kids stunt scooters is between 3.4kg and 3.8kg, with adult trick scooters ranging up to 4.5kg. 

It is always best practice to look at size guide before committing to a stunt scooter, to ensure that rider and scooter are a good match.