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Why Dotty Dungarees and Micro Scooters make the best of friends

  • 2 min read


We have partnered up with the brilliant Dotty Dungarees for a giveaway, offering one lucky winner the chance to win a summer adventure bundle, including a Micro Cruiser two-wheeled scooter (plus helmet) as well as £100 worth of vouchers from Dotty Dungarees to spend on anything from their summer collection of children’s dungarees.   

Why we love Dotty Dungarees   

Born in 2013, the kid’s dungarees brand was founded by two mums looking for a slice of nostalgia. Committed to responsible and sustainable practices, they scoured the globe looking for the best place to ethically manufacture Dotty Dungarees.


"We take a long-term view in everything we do." Georgie, Founder of Dotty Dungarees

Ultimately, there are three reasons why at Micro we fell in love with Dotty Dungarees and wanted to unite in a collaboration.   

Firstly, they share our passion that products should be built to last. Testing is key as is the adaptability with time. Both of our brands think about longevity and how products grow with children over time.   

Secondly, the devil is in the detail. Whether you opt for a set of boy’s dungarees, girl’s dungarees (or indeed a Micro Scooter) you can rest assured that we have both done the hard work for you. From ball bearings in the wheels of our scooters through to the bespoke buttons designed by Alice Peto, you can rest easy knowing that both of our brands have scoured the globe for the very finest of details.   

Finally, we both have a passion for the planet. Recycling is key for us both. For Micro, it is evident in our Scooter Aid scheme that reconditions outgrown scooters via charities in the UK (so that they can be used time and time again for new adventures) and for Dotty Dungarees, their passion is in packaging.   

So when we had an invite to collaborate on a competition, and after not much thought at all, we are thrilled to be working with the children’s dungarees brand.  

Head over to Instagram to enter our competition, which runs until midnight on Sunday 12thJune.