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Lightweight Balance Bikes

  • 3 min read

Lightweight Balance Bikes For Kids 


This guide rounds up the lightest balance bikesavailable in the UK.   Suitable for kids from 18 months lightweight balance bikes provide a quick, easy, and fuss-free way to get your child learning to ride. Often mastering a balance bike will allow a child to get to grips with a “grown up bike” much quicker and earlier.   The benefits of balance bikes for kids are many and varied.  Balance Bikes have no pedals meaning a child can learn to balance and ride with ease – without having the fuss of pedals to negotiate.   Balance Bikes are lightweight allowing a child to manoeuvre, lift and steer the bike with ease.  Perfect for building their confidence and developing their fine and gross motor skills. 


Lightweight Balance Bike For 2 Year Old 


The lightweight Balance Bike Deluxe weighs in at a featherweight 9lbs / 4.1kgs.  This is a remarkably lightweight balance bike for 2-year olds considering it also has inbuilt suspension to the rear. A lightweight design with rear suspension makes for the smoothest of rides. It also makes it a breeze for 2-year olds to manage the bike – building their confidence and  ultimately making it easier for them to learn how to ride. 

Lightweight Balance Bike For 4 Year Old

With an adjustable seat, adjustable handlebar and retro-style chopper bars the Chopper Balance Bike is a fantastic choice of lightweight balance bike for 4 year olds.   

 Super lightweight the Chopper Bike weighs just 2.8kg / 6.2lbs. That’s roughly the same weight as a standard sized laptop.   

 A lightweight balance bike is key when teaching your child how to ride.  Being able to lift the bike, move it/carry it as a child learns to ride builds their confidence.  It will also build yours – knowing your child can manage the weight/size of a balance bike easily.  The more confident you both feel the more likely your child will be when learning to ride a balance bike.   

 The lightweight Micro Chopper Balance Bike also benefits from having puncture free wheels, soft handlegrips making it comfortable while gripping as well as an adjustable seat and handlebar meaning the bike will grow as your child does. 

Replacement parts come as standard so if something were to go wrong you could easily repair/revamp the bike rather than throw it away in landfill. It also means the bike will last longer allowing you to hand it down to younger siblings.


Lightweight Balance Bike With Brake

Nearly all balance bikes do not have a brake.  The beauty of a balance bike is it ease of use. Younger children especially do not have the skills required to cycle and brake.   However, the 2in1 Micro Balance Bike does come with a detachable stability wheel.  This is a great alternative to a brake as it allows your child to learn to ride a bike while having the comfort of a stabilising back wheel (just like a stabiliser on a bike).   The stabiliser wheel on the 2in1 Chopper Bike is removable so when your child has built their confidence in learning to balance the wheel can be removed and they can progress on to the next stage.   Find out more about the 2in1 Chopper Balance Bike 


Best Lightweight Balance Bikes




  • 2in1 Micro Chopper Balance Bike ·        
  • Micro Balance Bike Deluxe ·       
  • Micro Chopper Balance Bike


All 3 Micro lightweight Balance Bikes have won numerous awards from industry specialists. Top marks were awarded to their lightweight frame making them easy for toddlers to control, superior craftsmanship and clever little details like adjustable seats, handlebars and detachable stability wheels.

Lightweight Balance Bike With Pedals 

Most balance bikes for kids do not have pedals.  Doing so would defeat the object of a balance bike – which is for a child to master their skills learning how to balance, building their confidence and progressing on to cycle with ease.   Pedals are often heavy and cumbersome.  They can hurt too if not used correctly!  This is why pedal-free balance bikes are designed they way they are.  To make learning to ride a breeze

Is There A Balance Bike For Adults?

At present there are no balance bike for adults available in the UK.