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Cross Curriculum Activities

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Scoot Safe is intended to help your school promote safe scooting to and from school, but apart from the core benefits outlined above in “Why Scoot to School”, we believe that there are many opportunities to use the Scoot Safe activities across the curriculum and across year groups. Here are some ideas ….


There are many opportunities for pupils to practice speaking and listening skills, through discussion and more formal debate and when making presentations to different audiences.

There are opportunities when Pupils will be explaining, reporting, planning and evaluating.

Additionally, they will be responding to the activities and texts and will develop their responses by planning and writing for a variety of purposes.

There may be opportunities for pupils to write newsletters / reports about the Scoot Safe activities, to plan and / or take part in performances / presentations promoting the activities to other pupils.

Pupils could be invited to write a story about riding their scooter safely, taking a micro adventure with their scooter, or they could be invited to explore more creative ideas – What would an alien visitor make of a scooter if it was the first thing he / she came across when landing on Earth?


There is potential for older pupils to play an active part in the suggested surveying and evaluation of parents and pupils before and after the Scoot Safe week.

Activities include surveying attitudes to scooting, scooter ownership, methods of travelling to / from school, . This enables pupils to handle data. They will be problem solving, communicating, reasoning, processing and interpreting data.


Pupils can use ICT to prepare information, for example the results of their survey, or a news story about the Scoot Safe activities. ICT will also be an import element in other activities – see below..


When your pupils consider route planning they will be using maps and plans in a meaningful context. Carrying out the survey and collecting and recording evidence enables them to practice the skills of geographical enquiry.


Pupils will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of fitness and health, particularly in knowing how exercise affects the body in the short term and why physical activity is good for their health and well-being.

Design and Technology / Art and design

Follow some of the ideas suggested below to get pupils generating their own ideas for new scooter related products and projects.

Challenge pupils to design new scooter storage for the school.

Can pupils invent an incredible futuristic device for scooter security / scooter rider safety?

Scooters can be interesting objects to draw, especially in close up detail. Bring one into the classroom and begin by asking pupils to draw a small section of it.

Encourage them to experiment with different drawing materials – pencils, pens, felt tips, chalks, card dipped in ink, paint brushes and so on – and to alter the scale of their drawings from minute to enormous.

By making first hand drawings pupils will be recording from experience and can then explore these ideas for different purposes.

Ask pupils to design an instruction leaflet for a scooter and to label the different parts.

Ask pupils to try and find pictures of any road signs for scooters. – It is very unlikely they will find any, so display a selection of road signs including those of most relevance to cyclists. Challenge your pupils to design signs for the following:

Warning: young scooter users ahead;

Scooter parking

Warning steep hill – no scooting!

Scooters sharing pathway with other users

Invite pupils to design a ‘scooter skills space’. They can include tracks and ramps as well as describing games to be played in the area, and new skills to be learnt.

Be seen, Be Safe and look smart. Ask pupils to design the latest cool, safety outfits and equipment for scooter users. This might include waterproof clothing, sleek and safe helmets, or what about an anorak with an airbag that inflates if you fall off your scooter?

Pupils could think up a catchy slogan to promote the ScootSafe activity week, and use their slogans as a headline for a poster.