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Aims & Objectives for ScootSafe

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You should set some clear objectives for your Scoot Safe training, we suggest as a minimum

For pupils :

To improve skills and confidence when scooting

To wear appropriate clothes and helmet when scooting

To increase awareness of dangers (driveways, vehicles)

To learn safe scooting practice (stopping at kerbs / crossing roads, safer routes to school)

To improve awareness of other pavement users (especially pedestrians)

For your school :

Develop young pupils confidence and independence

Develop pupils hazard awareness

Encourage another form of non motorised travel to school

Encourage parental / guardian involvement in safe scooting to school

There are many more objectives and benefits that Scoot Safe training can contribute to, for example:

Completion of the training could be a minimum standard before a pupil is allowed to bring a scooter to school

The Scoot Safe course can introduce your schools policy for scooting to school

Scoot Safe can include your school rules for scooting to school including when scooting is allowed, where scooters may be parked, access to scooters before /during / after the school day, use of scooters on school grounds

Scoot safe can be part of a range of cross curriculum activities involving different year groups

Scoot Safe can encourage parental / guardian involvement in course delivery and in taking responsibility for developing their child’s healthier, safe, route to / from school

Scoot Safe can contribute towards the achievement of your sustainable travel to school targets