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Are Balance Bikes Good For Toddlers?

  • 5 min read

Are Balance Bikes Good For Toddlers?


Are Balance Bikes worth it? Read our independent guide to find out. 

The brilliance of balance bikes for toddlers is the positive impact they can have on helping young children build their:  

  • Fine motor skills   
  • Gross motor skills     
  • Coordination        
  • Balance         
  • Spatial awareness     

Balance Bikes help kids master these skills which in turn builds their confidence and contributes to toddlers forming a lifelong, healthy attitude with exercise.  

Put simply the more toddlers move when they are younger the more likely they will be to move/exercise when they are older – decreasing the risk of obesity and all the associated health risks that brings.    

In research commissioned with BryteSpark,- a team of experts in biomechansits and child development the results were resounding. It’s not just movement and exercise that matter. For children to confidently develop their fundamental movement skills, energetic play should not only be structured, but involve adult interaction.  Alongside this, it’s the type of movement that makes all the difference at this critical stage of development.   Balance Bikes are a brilliant way of getting children moving – and moving in the right way.     


What age are Balance Bikes for?

As a general rule of thumb toddlers can start using Balance Bikes from around the age of 18 months/2 years to aged 5 or 6.   If a toddler is walking or even toddling then they will benefit from a Balance Bike.  

My child cant balance on a bike?

Every child is capable of mastering a balance bike.  How they get there and when they get there is unique to every child.  That’s what makes them special.   Here are some top tips on helping your child to balance on a bike

  • Choose a balance bike with removable stabiliser wheel.
    Doing so may seem counterintuitive but the first stage of helping toddlers to learn is for them to feel confident. A 2in1 Balance Bike with retractable safety wheel is a great place to start.  

  • Get your child just to sit on the bike at first.
    Instruct them to place their feet on the floor and slowly raise one foot than the other to practice getting their balance.    

  • Be their wingman/woman. Literally. When your child is sitting on the balance bike you hold the handlebars and slowly move the bike along – encouraging your child to raise their feet a little at a time.   Remember, getting a child to balance on a bike is all bout building their confidence.  Focus on this first rather than them riding.  Because believe us, when their confidence is in full swing riding a balance bike will be a breeze. 



  What Balance Bike To Buy?

 Here are 4 key things to consider when choosing a balance bike:

  • Choose a lightweight bike 
    The lighter the bike the easier it will be for your child to manage.  The easier / more in control your child feels of the bike the higher his/her confidence will be when it comes to riding.  

  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
    Look for a balance bike which can be adjusted in these two crucial areas. Ensuring your child sits at a comfortable height (so they are not reaching up or down for the handlebars) is the difference between your child being in control of the bike or not.  Adjustability also means the bike will grow with your child.   

  • Wheel Size and Type
    Most balance bikes have 11 or 12 inch wheels. Anything bigger adds weight to a bike making it difficult to control.  Anything smaller risks the bike having less grip of surfaces.  Puncture-free wheels are not only worry-free/low to no-maintenance but are robust enough to withstand a child’s weight and tough terrain.
  • Value for Money
    Balance Bikes range in price from £20/30 to an eye-popping £1500 or more for top spec models.  When choosing a balance bike consider brands that offer replacement parts, strong after sales and are known for their build quality.  If that’s not a hint – we don’t know what is!



What Balance Bike Is Best?

There is no “best” balance bike. The best balance bike is the one that suits your child the best. If you ensure you have a lightweight, adjustable, puncture free, well build bike with replacement parts then really there are not many bikes to choose from.   The best balance bike is one that builds your child mobility skills – setting them up for a lifetime of positive relationships with exercise and movement. 

Which Balance Bike For A 2-Year Old?

The Micro Dino Balance Bike is a great choice for a 2-year old.  The fun dinosaur design encourages young children to learn to master their bike.  The puncture-free wheels, incredibly lightweight frame and adjustable seat and handlebars mean the balance bike is perfectly poised to help your child mastering the ride with ease and speed.

Which Balance Bike For A 3-Year Old?

The Micro Balance Bike Deluxeis designed to make a statement.   Its unique cut-out frame doesn’t just look good, it delivers light weight manoeuvrability. Its rear suspension absorbs shock. And its 12 inch air-filled tyres deliver unrivalled stability and grip.   Its intelligent design helps early riders develop balance and coordination – the perfect introduction to life in two-wheels. With ergonomically shaped, height adjustable saddle so it can grow with your child.

When To Use A Balance Bike?

Balance Bikes are robust yet nimble enough to be used on a variety of terrains eg. – grass, tarmac, pebbles and on a variety of occasions eg. – nursery run, park play, weekend adventures.   Getting your child riding a balance bike as young as you can is a great way to build their physical coordination but also has a massively positive impact on their emotional wellbeing e.g. confidence and independence. 

  Why Use A Balance Bike?

In the main the idea of getting a toddler to ride a Balance Bike is they are more likely to learn how to ride a “grown up” bike quicker and easier.   However, there are myriad other benefits from getting kids riding balance bikes. These include: 

  • Building core strength
  • Muscular coordination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Improving reaction time
  • Healthy body and mind
  • Confidence and Independence
  • Fun. Fun. And more fun.   

 Balance Bike For A 4-Year Old?

We think learning to ride should be a pleasure. So we’ve made it our job to create a balance bike that is as light and manoeuvrable as they come. With our ultra-lightweight magnesium frame, our new Balance Bike Lite weighs in at just 2.6kg. Combined with a low frame for easy on/off access, a height-adjustable saddle and 11-inch puncture-proof tyres, it’s a package guaranteed to put smiles on kids’ faces. Our smart design helps young riders get a first taste of independence – building balance, coordination and fine motor skills. And when they’re ready for a well-earned rest, parents can pick it up without breaking into a sweat

Balance bike with stabilisers?   

The brilliance of a balance bike with stabilisers is the confidence it gives young children when they are learning to ride.   Some argue a stabiliser defeats the object of a balance bike. At Micro we think we have found a happy compromise by offering a balance bike with a detachable stabiliser wheel.   This means the stabiliser wheel can be used to help grow your child’s confidence while learning to balance. As their confidence grows the stabiliser wheel can be removed easily and quickly – leaving you with a traditional balance bike.   All this and more is available in the 2in1 Chopper Balance Bike.  Detachable stabiliser wheel, adjustable seat, retro-chopper style handlebars for better control, puncture free wheels and super lightweight frame

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