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The Best Unicorn Gifts 2022

  • 3 min read

The Best Unicorn Gifts in 2022 


Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a unicorn-loving child? This blog aims to introduce you to the wonderful world of unicorn gifts – add a sprinkle of imagination and see where the adventure takes you.

Best Unicorn Gifts for Kids

There is a vast selection of unicorn-themed gifts available on the market; you can get just about anything with a Unicorn theme which can make choosing the right gift a little overwhelming. However, most kids have a bike or a scooter, so a gift that will personalise or glam up their ride will undoubtedly go down a treat.

Where can I buy Unicorn Gifts?

Most high street retailers will carry some unicorn-themed gifts on their shelves and their online peers, probably even more. Put Unicorn into a search on the John Lewis website, for example, and up will pop everything from soft toys like Jelly Cat’s Bashful Unicorn through to Nails Inc’s Unicorn nail varnish duo. Micro's unicorn-themed items are also available from high street retailers such as John Lewis and Halfords, but if you want a genuine online exclusive, take a look at our LED Unicorn Wheel Whizzers. Brilliant for making your Micro Scooter more visible on dark nights.


Unicorn gift for under £5 – perfect party favours

Party bags – the bane of every parent’s party plan! Got to have them, but what on earth do you put in them? You want to be original, not spend a fortune and avoid all those little plastic knick knacks that, admittedly, kids love but lose interest in within 5 minutes and will end up in a landfill (or under your sofa) for a lifetime. Fear not, Micro have a couple of offerings for under a fiver that will go down a treat:

Unicorn gifts for under £15 – super stocking fillers

Is it too early to mention the C word yet? Made an early start on stocking up on stocking fillers for Christmas? These Unicorn themed accessories for bikes and scooters would be a perfect offering from Santa this year.

Unicorn Bedroom ideas

Adding a little unicorn magic to a bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean a saccharine sweet colour scheme and glitter. There are many cool and understated unicorn design accessories on the market. Marks & Spencer’s Cotton Blend Unicorn bedding set for example, is colourful yet muted, while Mano Mano's metal unicorn wall decoration is geometric in its design, both however still offer more than a little unicorn mystique and would look fabulous in a bedroom.

Unicorn Gifts for the new school term.

Ease the transition from summer holiday freedom to term time schedule by introducing magic and sparkle to their school day. Micro’s Unicorn Eco lunch bag keeps packed lunches cool and safe and can also be used to house an after-school snack or a favourite toy to share on the journey to and from school. Also available is the Unicorn Eco Bottle Holder - both products are made from rPet, recycled polyester yarn created from plastic bottles that pollute our oceans.

So, no excuses, go get your unicorn on...!

Hopefully we have given you some ideas as to what to purchase for a unicorn crazy loved one. We're sure whatever you choose will go down a treat.