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A feel good #scooteraid story

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Scooter Aid

When we send out scooters to good causes through #scooteraid we know that most are on a new journey to make a difference. Despite learning of the great work that schools and charities do to ensure that they are inclusive to all (which we think is really rather special) we don’t always hear exactly how scootering makes a difference to those who request the scooters.

That is until we hear of stories like this one… 

Out of the blue we get stories like this that are so special to us that we choose to share with our Micro Community.

In March 2018 we helped a school to fund some scooters for use during lesson time and for the playground. 

Scooter Mascot 

The teacher wanted to engage children in their learning in a way that they would remember for a long time and thought that scooters would be a great way forward. They have a scooter mascot which is given to a child to take home for a weekend adventure. The teacher has also themed midweek ‘Wheelie Wednesday’ to get the kids involved.


Scooters have proved to be a huge hit. The children embraced scooting during the summer term so much that they even had a scooter race this year at sports day. What a super idea!

But that’s not all, one particular 8 year old had struggled this last academic year, not academically or socially but in the playground getting around and being involved as much as all the other children. This is because he is blind and his disability meant that playtime could sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Since the scooters arrived at school, he has taken it in his stride to learn to scoot. With the help of some friends he finally mastered scooting and can do so now independently.

It is stories like this that make the scheme so worthwhile.

Find out more about Scooter Aid

We love helping others through Scooter Aid and are immensely proud that we are able to do so. If you would like to nominate a charity to benefit through the scheme, you can do so here.

To find out a bit more about Scooter Aid, please click here.