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Everything you need to know about our kids electric scooter

  • 3 min read
The Micro Sparrow is our first ever kids electric scooter. Designed to electrify their playtime the Micro Sparrow electric scooter is suitable for children from 8+. Here's everything you need to know about this revolution in children's transport Is the Micro REALLY a revolution in children's transport? Okay, it may not be the first electric scooter for kids. But it is the first of its type that doesn't rely on a throttle to control speed but rather the user's body. The Micro Sparrow is in fact a motion controlled hybrid scooter which makes it easy for a child to control. Other electric scooters for kids use a handlebar throttle to go faster or indeed slow down. Our Swiss design team didn't think this was good enough and have spent time totally re-engineering the idea of an electric scooter to be first and foremost safe, easy to use and practical for parents. So how does the Micro Sparrow work? The scooter can work as an electric or push powered scooter. To turn to electric simply switch the button located on the deck of the scooter. You will then have to push along to get the electric motor to kick in. This means that you are always in control and can gradually increase your speed. The electrical assistance allows speeds of up to 9mph with a 4 mile range. The brake on the Sparrow provides a strong and instant response to slow down the scooter. When you are unable to use the electric feature simply switch it off and use the Micro Sparrow as a normal push powered scooter. Why is the Micro Sparrow more expensive than other electric scooters for kids? The simple answer is the detail and superior engineering. We haven't designed and produced a copycat electric scooter for kids. We've gone back to the drawing board and produced a scooter designed around kids for kids. Its the small details that make all the difference to the ride, performance and longetvity. These small details are often overlooked in cheap, mass produced electric kids scooters. To use its these details that are the most important. Things like:
  • Safety. We actively encourage every child and adult to wear appropriate safety gear when they scoot (e.g a helmet and knee and elbow pads). But what is the use of this equipment if the scooter you are riding itself isn't safe? Every feature of the Micro Sparrow has been designed with safety as the first priority. From the tough brake with added reflective light to extra soft, non toxic rubber grips to make it comfortable when holding the handlegrips and tough footplate to ensure the scooter can withstand the more "rigorous" way children treat their scooters - the Sparrow has been designed with practical use in mind not just good looks.
  • Lightweight. The Micro Sparrow is considerably lighter than other electric scooters for kids. It weighs just 11lbs and means children who ride it have better control over it. Heavy scooters are difficult to control and can be dangerous. The Sparrow isn't heavy and therefore makes it easier for younger children to control.
  • Portable. The Micro Sparrow has a 4 mile range and a quick 3 hour recharge time. It has a kickstand which means the scooter can stand upright by itself (saving your walls from being marked or your child throwing the scooter down on the ground). The handlebar is at a fixed height of 82cm.
  • Built around little feet. The footplate on the Sparrow is longer and wider than other electric scooters for kids. This is for a specific purpose. It means a child can place 2 feet on the footplate when scooting giving them greater control and encouraging them to use the brake rather than their foot when stopping.
Where can I find out more about the Micro Sparrow? This product video gives even more detail You can shop for the Micro Sparrow here >> We think the Micro Sparrow will make a brilliant Christmas or birthday present for children aged 8+. Let us know what you think in the comments below.