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5 reasons we love going back to school

  • 2 min read

Have you and your family had a Summer of fun?

Have you scooted your hearts out, camped in the garden overnight, swum in the sea and eaten far too many ice creams?

Us too! Has the warm glow of surviving Summer with the kids begun to wear just a little thin? Us too! Are you looking forward to September just a tiny bit? Yes, us too.

We are proud to present our list of reasons why we are looking forward to going back to school. *Despite the fact we will weep just a little bit.

1. Scooting the school run is in our (totally biased) opinion one of the best things about going back to school. It ends the nightmares of trying to find a parking space. Not to mention traffic jams and over zealous traffic wardens (we've not missed those). But more brilliantly, telling the children that you are all going to scoot to school will get them out of the house in half the time it normally takes. Give it a go! 2. Scooting means they arrive ready to learn.Raising the heart rate on route means they are alert and are more likely to be engaged with their learning. If you live too far to consider scooting the whole way, parking slightly further away then scooting the last part still counts. 3. Parking their scooter at the bike shed and taking them round to their new classroom.Every year it gets us. No matter how old they are (and how much they drive us round the twist), the first 'goodbye' of the term never fails to bring a lump to the throat. Especially with their oversized coats and their socks that keep slipping down. 4. New stuff.New water bottles, new lunch bags, new enthusiasm ready to learn. It's the clean empty pages of their books at the beginning of a new school term that makes you realise how much they are going to learn and grow this year. 5. Scooting back from school. Precious time to learn about their day, hearing about their new desk in the classroom and how they found their classroom tray, who they sat next to and who's their new best friend.

If your still in holiday mode, don't panic, it is not too late to get organised for the back to school scoot.

Online you can find every single Micro scooter, including the exclusive ranges and latest colours. You can also shop accessories if you are in need of helmets, lights and bells. We even have a section for spare parts. This means that you can update any tired parts of your scooter from the summer time adventures. See the links below. Don't forget to tag us in your back to scooting photos on social. Wishing all our intrepid back to scooting explorers a very happy first day back (and to all the mums and dads out there too - we salute you!).