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An active travel plan means healthier, happier staff

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Scooting is good for the mind, body and soul.

The list of benefits that exercise has on the body and mind is enormous. But did you consider that scooting as an adult is classed as exercise. It can have these very benefits on your body too. Therefore, by scooting your commute, you can complete a mini workout. Whilst you travel to the office you can burn up to 300 cals an hour just by doing so! Here’s the science >

The benefits of becoming a scooter-friendly employer: 

Adult scooting is taking the world by storm. Many adults are now seen on two wheels these days compared to last year. Grown-ups are taking to two wheels to travel and are enjoying the benefits after realising how utterly brilliant it is.

Support employees to adopt sustainable ways to travel will be much better for productivity in the long-term… Here’s how: 

  1. Improved employee health and wellbeing. Getting to work under their own steam means employees will be fitter, more active and less likely to take sick days [1] 
  2. Reducing the impact of traffic on the local community. Even just one car less on the roads will mean cleaner air around the workplace, one less car putting pressure on the roads and infrastructure and a little less congestion too. Congestion on England’s roads cost the economy over £10 billion a year in urban areas alone in 2009 and could rise to £22 billion by 2025. [2]
  3. Employee retention and motivation. ‘Millennials’ (those born after 1983) will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. They think that their employer should be doing more to reduce their impact on the environment, particularly in terms of reducing resource scarcity and combating climate change [3]

At Micro Scooters we believe that everyone is better off owning a scooter for all of the above reasons and many more. We are so passionate we are whole-heartedly supportive of businesses looking to encourage their staff to take to two wheels. If you would like to join in the scooting revolution and own a business (or know the right contact), please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

[1] Guidance from the National Institute of Health & Clinical Excellence (NICE) shows that on average, physical activity programmes can reduce absenteeism by 20% by helping staff to achieve recommended weekly physical activity levels, Public Health Guidance PH13 (2008) 

[2] Department for Transport (DfT) 2006 The Eddington Transport Study The case for action: Sir Rod Eddington’s advice to Government 

[3] The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2014