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3 reasons to scoot on #carfreeday

  • 2 min read



Annual #carfreeday aims to educate the world on how to revitalise our towns and cities and create a sustainable future. 

Taking part is easy. Leave the car on the drive. Choose a new method of transport, get out and about and you may just shock yourself at what you can achieve. 

Our Swiss designed and engineered scooters for children and adults are, in our opinion, the perfect way to get involved this car free day. (Apologies for the self promotion). From saving you time and money to the under appreciated health benefits here are 3 reasons you should take part and scoot on #carfreeday. 

1. Did you know an estimated 500,000 Micro scooters are used on the school run? With the average journey being a mile each way that’s 1 million miles of scooting each week day…which is equivalent to scooting around the world 40 times. 500,000 scooter journeys equals 500,000 less car journeys every day – the impact not only on the environment (scooting instead of driving saves just over a ton of CO2 carbon emissions per family) but town planning could be incredibly beneficial. 

2. Scooting saves money. No more filling up the car and wincing as you look at the petrol metre racking up to an eye watering amount. Scooting is free. See how much you could save.. 

Savings you’ll make by scooting  

Distance to / from location 1 mile 2 miles 3 miles 

Scooting 1 day a week             £87.50 £175 £262.50

Scooting 2 days a week           £175 £350 £525

Scooting 3 days a week           £262.50 £525 £787.50

Scooting 4 days a week           £350 £700 £1,050

Scooting 5 days a week           £437.50 £875 £1,312.50

Figures have been calculated on a total motoring cost (including insurance, depreciation, servicing and petrol) of 55.74p ( the saving is going up year to year with fuel price rises) per mile (the average figure in 2012 according to the RAC) and making two round trips a day.

3. Scooting provides a great aerobic workout. 40 calories are burned for every 10 minutes of flat level scooting. So scoot for a combined 30 minutes throughout your day (2 x 10 minute station runs, 10 minute scoot at lunchtime) and you could burn 120 calories. 

That’s equivalent to around 1lb a week weight loss. 


And is in comparison to:

Walking for 30 minutes = 149 calories

Cycling for 30 minutes = 203 calories

Jogging for 30 minutes = 244 calories

Step aerobics for 30 minutes = 262 calories

Let us leave you with a scooting aficionado. Aaron is 30 and uses his scooter as part of his journey to work every day. This is his story…