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Why your school should take part in #carfreeday

  • 2 min read
In a recent survey, 77% of parents who drive their children to school in the morning and afternoon school run said they found it more stressful than work or grocery shopping. We would hazard a guess the same percentage of headteachers feel the same way when a convoy of cars turn up at the school gates every morning and afternoon. Parking wars at schools up and down the country are common. On the Tuesday 22nd September 2015 World Car Free Day aims to give us all (parents, teachers, children, local residents) a break from this chaos. Getting your school involved with #carfreeday could lead to a permanent end to all this drama. Why should your school get involved?
  • Scooting the school run instead of driving saves just over a tonne of CO2 carbon emissions per family.
  • 40 calories are burned for every 10 minutes of flat level scooting.
  • Scooting to school with the children every day of the school term instead of driving could result in a 1 stone weight loss.
  • Did you know 32% of all car traffic happens between the hours of 3-3:59pm?
  • A 1 mile scoot to school and back every day can save nearly £200 in car running costs.
  • Scooting is a great workout and can help to improve a child's concentration.
  • In a recent study, teachers who scooted to work found it improved their energy levels and ensured a better working relationship with kids.
How can you school get involved?
  • Why not encourage children and parents to scoot, walk or cycle to school on car free day.
  • Children can create posters to encourage pupils to take part in the day
  • Encourage the school to learn about the environmental aspects of driving to school. 
  • Set up an inter-house/class competition based on the overall number of miles travelled by pupils in a environmental fashion.
  • Don't forget our Scooters for Schools scheme allows you to earn money or scooters for your school. Car Free Day is a great opportunity to popularize the scheme at your school.
What are your plans for Car Free Day? We'd love to see photos and videos of your experiences. Just upload them to social media with #carfreeday and @microscooters.