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Why one man scooted 60 miles in a day...

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Tony Mitchell from West Byfleet is well known for setting himself unusual challenges for charity. In 2008, he cycled over 3,200 miles in the “Race Across America” with a team called United 8. Together they raised £100,000 for Clic Sargent children’s charity.

This year Tony undertook a scooting challenge on behalf of a young man called Christian. 

Having taught Christian sport at West Byfleet Infant School, Tony was inspired by the bravery of young Christian who despite having cerebral palsy and needing a frame to walk, always joined in PE lessons as much as he could. Christian, now 9 years old is at West Byfleet Junior School and his dream is to kick a football on his own.

So Tony set himself his latest challenge to support Christian’s parents Yvette and Paul Rogers in their quest to raise the £50,000 needed for a special operation to help Christian to walk.

On Saturday 26th September 2015 Tony set out from West Byfleet to scoot on a Micro Flex Deluxe Blue scooter the 60 miles to Tunbridge Wells with his support crew of cyclists Steve Young who rode with Tony in the Race Across America and Mark Batterson who just completed the 100 mile Ride London race.

Tony was also helped on his journey by his family; wife Virginia and children Jasmine and Jonty and friend Richard Harris in support vehicles.

Tony’s scoot took him along country roads through Ripley, Bookham, past Box Hill, Lingfield race course and on into Kent, Fordcombe and then Tunbridge Wells.

“The last 10 miles was very tough” says Tony, “It was very hilly on single track roads and uphill is not easy on a scooter”. However, the prize was to reach Christian and his family who were waiting at the Tree of Hope Centre.

“Christian is an inspiration and example to us all. If we could bottle Christian’s spirit and share it, the world would be a better place. He always smiles in adversity and has a great attitude. He deserves a good outcome”.

Christian now has the opportunity to have his life-changing operation at Great Ormond Street in December 2015.

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