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What is the recommended age for a balance bike?

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What is the recommended age for a balance bike?


Balance bikes are a great introduction to cycling for younger children instead of moving straight onto a pedal bike with stabiliser wheels. Quite often, once a child is whizzing along on a balance bike, there is no need for heavy clumpy stabiliser wheels when they move onto a pedal bike because they have already found their centre of balance and can transfer the technique from one bike to the other. Balance bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are available from almost all children's toy retailers and specialist bike shops such as Halfords, but what is the recommended age for a child to start trying to ride a balance bike? 

What age to start using a balance bike?

The average age for a child to learn to ride a pedal bike is between 3 and 7 years old. Balance bikes, therefore, tend to cater for ages 2-5 years, operating as a precursor to a pedal bike. Every child will develop at their own rate, but there are a few key indicators that your child is ready to get the hang of a balance bike.

Can they walk? - If your child can walk, chances are they can use a balance bike. Balance bikes don't have chains, pedals or gears; they are much lower to the ground and much lighter than a traditional kid's pedal bike, making them easier for small children to propel and steer.

Are they able to focus on one task? - Being able to focus on one task is also a good indication that your child is ready for a balance bike. Balance bikes are intuitive for little children; usually, they grab the bike and go without instructions! By taking the task of pedaling out of the mix, children can solely concentrate on the trickier skill of balancing the bike.

How long does it take to learn to ride a balance bike?

There is no set time frame, all children are different, and all will learn to ride a balance bike at a different pace. A confident 3-year might master it in a week, whereas a more timid or younger child might take months to find their balance and confidence on a balance bike.


What is the best age for a balance bike?

The best age for starting to ride a balance bike is probably around three years old. That's not to say you shouldn't start them earlier but be prepared for a toddler-aged child to take a long time to master and enjoy balance biking. At three, children generally learn how to balance on one foot and improve their running skills, both skills which are complemented and enhanced by riding a balance bike.

What type of balance bikes are available?

Micro offer four different balance bikes, all with adjustable seat height and suitable for ages 2-5 years:

  • The Dino with a unique 3D dino design, ultra-lightweight frame and 11-inch puncture-proof tires.
  • The Lite – a balance bike which is as light and manoeuvrable as they come, just 2.6kg!
  • The 2in1 Chopper with the option of putting training wheels to offer more support.
  • The Deluxe with rear suspension and a standout design.