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How scooting inspired this dad to leave hospital and make memories.

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HOW SCOOTING INSPIRED THIS DAD TO LEAVE HOSPITAL AND MAKE MEMORIES.After a serious accident and a long stay in hospital, dad blogger @daddydaysuk explains how #scootingadventures with his son became his goal to recovery.

Here he shares his story of how Micro Scooters inspired him to invest in an adult scooter and why he wouldn’t swap it for the world.

As I lay in that hospital bed (once they’d fixed my morphine drip) Only one thought occupied my mind. If I couldn’t walk again, how could I play with my boy as he was growing up?

I sank lower and lower as I dwelled on what could be. I had torn all the tendons attaching my thigh muscles to my knee. My bed neighbour, Leon, was having none of it. He had broken his back through someone else’s negligence and his prognosis was much bleaker than mine, yet he is, to this day, one of the chirpiest people I’ve ever met. 

He had sat with me through the night (the night the drip failed… for eight hours!) constantly reassuring me that everything was going to be okay and telling me stories about his own, much older, son. Leon could however understand my concerns and my sole goal for recovery. My boy. 

Before I continue I want to say that Leon also made a full recovery, the hero. 

The strongest of bonds 

I was subsequently signed off work for months for my physical recovery. I now consider this to be the best thing that could have happened. It coincided with my wife’s return to work after maternity leave meaning that while she was at work it would just be me and him.

I would plonk him in his pushchair and off we’d go. I would use his pushchair as support as it was either going to be that or a zimmer frame. We would walk miles a day chatting as we went.   

The little man was almost one at that time but I’m sure we understood what each other were on about. This built the strongest of bonds that I believe few working dads have the opportunity to. Every waking moment was spent together. I spent quite a lot of time with his mum too… 

Over time walking became running (him, not me, although I walk fine now thanks for asking). Running became push powered ride-ons. Ride-ons became a pedal trike and now, appropriately the scooter. I cannot keep up. And I really rather ought to. 

We are fortunate to have many great recreational parks where we live and one in particular, the largest, has an awesome skate/scoot park. We took the little man one Saturday afternoon when it was really busy with everyone from pro/youtube channel owning stuntsters to a ridiculously capable four year old on a 3 wheeled micro. We watched him for ages and our little man’s enthusiasm and confidence grew as we did. He had a little go on the approach slopes but as he got closer and closer to the bowl we called abort and tempted him away with promises of ice cream on the other, quieter, side of the park. 

The seed was sewn though, he was off. I was running to keep up. He had a new sparkle in his eye and a new role model to live up to in that boy just a few months his elder. He was just having so much fun. We got to the other side of the park and sat down with our ice creams. But the little man kept asking me to hold his while he scooted round the rose circle. 

Watching him scoot, I found myself getting a little jealous. 

I watched and I have to admit that despite stealing the occasional lick of his ice cream (purely to maintain its structure you understand?) I found myself getting a little jealous. I turned to my wife and said “I want a scooter” It fell on deaf ears. I dared again to which the reply came, “You? No. Not with your injury history.” (I’ve not mentioned my more recent mishaps of which there have been a few).

It wouldn’t leave me though. I became obsessed. I started watching YouTube videos. I joined forums and scowled reviews. One name consistently appeared. Micro. As my sights narrowed are started speaking with the company through their excellent pop up chat facility. I told the little man my plan and he went intergalactic. 

His excitement and the prospect of me sharing his new passion pretty much sealed the deal and the order was placed. 

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