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Scooter Granny - the ultimate test

  • 2 min read



You may remember some time ago, we posted a video of a super Scottish scooter gran who had been caught numerous times scooting her way around Perth often leaving stunned passers by in her wake. Well yesterday we finally put a name to this sublime scooterer and even met her in the flesh

Barbel Roerig is an amazing looking 74 year old who got in touch with us when she feared her old scooter was on it’s last wheels. We of course agreed to help and hopped on a plane with an array of Micro scooters for Barbel to test out. 

It turns out Barbel used to be an architectural technician and wanted to know all the technical information and specifications of our scooters. Thank goodness then that we also took along one of our stunt team riders Toren Jarrit to help fill in the really geeky techy bits (the degree of angle for the stem in relation to the footplate for example). 

Toren rides for Team MX our newly created team of professional stunt riders who all ride our new range of trick scooters.

With technical spec out of the way Barbel took the opportunity to road test the range and find out which scooter would suit her daily needs. This it turns out involved which scooter could carry the most shopping bags as Barbel uses her scooter to whip into town daily.

Read her opinion here Barbel’s Top 10 Micro Scooters 

Thanks to Alasdair MacLeod/Daily Record for the picture of Barbel and to Toren for taking the time to come and meet Barbel. Oh and wishing you Toren, a very happy 16th birthday.