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How adult scooting can help you to find your 'belonging'

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Hope Batten, Undergraduate at University of Greenwich recently published an article in ‘Latitude’ the campus mag, telling fellow students how they can find their ‘belonging’.

We thought that you’d like to know the secret too… 

The question should be, do you fancy saving money and staying in bed for longer? Well fellow peers, if you do, I present to you the ‘Micro-Scooter,’ a gadget that I believe is going to revolutionise the transportation methods for students and enhance our overall university experience. 

Yes, I know… Riding around on a scooter may not be considered the most orthodox way of getting from A to B, but hear me out because I have tried everything else. Bikes are more expensive, require maintenance and take up far too much space, not to mention that 20,000 bikes were reported stolen last year in London alone! Walking seems to drag on and if I don’t leave on time, I have to except that I will be late. Jogging results in major back perspiration for at least 30 minutes after reaching my destination. And public transport, surly we would all avoid it if given the option. In fact, I haven’t used a bus since taking delivery on my new toy. 

It baffles me that there aren’t more students using scooters, especially those studying in London. Many of us are commuting over 30 minutes either by foot or bus and it only takes on average 6 minutes to scoot a mile. Moreover, scooters are marvellously portable, with a click of a button they can be folded in half and tucked away neatly under your lecture seat. I was surprised with how light my Micro-Scooter actually is, weighing less than 5kg, it is pretty effortless taking it up and down the library stairs. 

Pros of Scooting: 

  • Guaranteed to shorten your commute 
  • Highly economical, getting home will cost you nothing after a night out
  • Burns more calories than cycling. Up to 480 calories an hour
  • Inexpensive
  • Heaps of fun

Cons of scooting:

  • Riding-hands free is a no go

There are only a few brave enough who use scooters to commute, perhaps this comes down to one’s fear of receiving flummoxing looks from members of the public, or maybe it is a lack of open-mindedness. Let’s take the example of Switzerland, a forward moving nation among Europe who low and behold, invented the Micro Scooter. Hundreds of Genevans are riding around town completely carefree. It seems to be somewhat of a normality among the Swiss, clearly they see the benefits of owning these handy two wheelers to dart around the city. In fact, it has honestly been my secret to making my dreaded 9am lectures, and I’ve even managed to save a substantial amount of cash with my deluxe-flex-micro-scooter-thing (that’s right, you know it). Most importantly… It’s turned my boring commute to class into jolly good fun!

Want to read more about scooters? Check out They don’t just have a sweet range of adult scooters, they have a scooter community where scooter riders can share their adventures with each other. You might just find your belonging.