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The best electric scooter for kids

  • 2 min read
Electric scooters for kids have been around for years, sure. But the new emicro Sparrow knocks the socks of the rest. Here's why...

It uses hybrid technology

meh?! What this actually means is that it allows it's rider to switch easily from electric to traditional kick scooter. So you can ride it without the power, should you forget to charge it or should other circumstances prevail. This is unique to Micro as it means that the Sparrow can be regarded as being two scooters in one- a kick board and electric scooter. Whats-more it is lightweight at 5.1kg which is just a smidge over 11 lb and less than a stone in weight. This means that it's a scooter that your child is in full control of, when they are riding it from a to b. It has a kickstand, a small but important feature to protect the life of the scooter. This means that it can stand unaided.

Safety is paramount

It is developed by a team of Swiss innovators. With the very best components available it is created with safety at the forefront. Recommended for children aged 8 - 15 years, it can reach pretty nippy speeds of up to 9mph. A lithium ion rechargeable battery lies behind the power of the scooter. This means it can reach a distance of up to 6km with a super quick recharge time of 3 hours, so it can be ready for a new adventure in next to no time. It's streamlined in it's design meaning that there are no bulky electric motors, no chains and no wires.

Electric boost at the touch of a button

In order to start the electric function the child needs to simply move the scooter along with their foot. There is no throttle on the Sparrow. This means that the child can increase their speed gradually and intuitively giving them greater stability and ultimately safety.

Ready to Ride

The Micro Sparrow comes ready charged so you can get it home, take it out of the box and go for a spin.