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10 games for scooting adventures

  • 2 min read



Not a lot can beat a tandem scoot; to the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon, scooting the morning school run or heading to afterschool activities.

Two pairs of feet mastering the journey as you spend a precious five minutes catching up on the weeks activities with your mini adventurers. Precious. 

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit and add a game or two to the pre/after school conversation, we have come up with 10 inspired games to maximise scooting smiles and bond-ability. As well as clocking up the happy times mid scoot, you’ll have reached your destination before you know it. 

Scooting alphabet game: 

As you scoot along keep your eyes peeled for natures treasures starting with every letter in the alphabet. A for ant, b for branch, c for curb… A bit like I spy on wheels!

2. Something funny just scooted past: 

Perfect for a tandem scoot! The first person thinks of something, saying “I just saw something funny scoot past”. The second player has 20 questions to work out what it might be. Answering with a yes or no to unveil the answer. From a unicorn to Grandpa Joe, the more obscure the answer the funnier the game. 

3. I scooted to the seaside and took with me: 

Both players should come up with their own answers remembering the previous. I scooted to the seaside and took with me a bucket, two spades, three ice creams… 

The destination of the game can be amended to suit the audience, if the seaside doesn’t appeal try the moon, the zoo or grandmas house. 

4. Scoot-association: 

Exactly the same as word association but on two or (three) wheels! 

5. True or False: 

One player has to describe something obscure that happened to them; a funny fact or random mishap? you decide. 

6. The incredible scooting storyteller: 

Take turns adding sentences to a story about an adventure far far away. Play this game on the school run and you’ll have got their creative juices flowing before they reach the school gates. 

7. Topsy Turvy I-spy: 

The first player spots something and says I spy with my little eye <insert object>. Whilst scooting, the second player has to look for the said object and confirms where they see it. 

8. Alphabetically speaking: 

Each player must take turns with ideas that start with the next letter in the alphabet… After school, what shall we do? Ballet dancing? Cartwheeling? Doodling? 

9. Yes and No game: 

Everybody’s favourite, it’s ace on a scooter. 

10. Number skip: 

At the start of the game agree on a number or two that shouldn’t be spoken. Take turns to count, when you get to that number you need to skip it or you’re out. Great for times tables practice when the little ones are a bit older. 

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