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Micro Scooter Helmets

Micro Scooter Helmet

Everything you need to know about fitting a Micro Scooter Helmet

Sun’s out, scooters out, it’s time for an adventure. Before you get going it is essential that (if you don’t already own one) then you should consider purchasing a helmet for your child. In fact if you fit one of the next three profiles then without a doubt this blog post will make essential reading:

  • You’re pretty set on buying your child a scooter and feeling reassured and confident that you’ve made the right choice on which model to go for.
  • Scooter’s at the ready but your child’s helmet is non existent/ looking a bit worse for wear/ lost. They could do with a safety upgrade.
  • Micro scooter helmets have caught your eye, you didn’t realise that they sold safety accessories too!


Scooting adventures will soon begin. However before they do it is important to ensure that your child is as safe as they can be every time they head off exploring on their Micro Scooter. The easiest way to do this is by ensuring that they wear a helmet.

Keep them safe

From Retro Rocket to Glitter pink there are 21 different designs and colours in the current range, so something to suit every intrepid explorer.

See them here>>

The scientific bit

Here’s all the science you need to understand what makes Micro scooter helmets the best for your child:

  1. All Micro helmets conform to the EN1078 safety standard
  2. Injection moulded ABS hard plastic
  3. They can be used for scooting and cycling
  4. Rear adjustment wheel to ensure a snug fit
  5. Lightweight inner shell
  6. Extra padding for comfort and safety
  7. 11 vents to keep heads cool
  8. Adjustable safety straps
  9. Solid quick release clip fastening
  10. Multiple sizes for a better fit

Getting the right size helmet

It is very temping at this point to grab the helmet that you assume will fit or one that they’ll grow into to save shelling out twice. However it is essential that you measure your children’s head BEFORE you place an order. Head size has absolutely no correlation to the age of the child. Plus a badly fitting or an incorrect helmet size will mean that it is incredibly uncomfortable for your child to wear. Not only will the helmet irritate them, they will be very reluctant to wear it in future and you’ll end up with a redundant helmet in the garage.

Children’s head sizes vary by age. We’ve seen 2 year old children with big heads and 10 year olds with small heads. This video will help you to determine which one is best.

Kids helmets: How to ensure the perfect fit

Now that your helmet has arrived you need to ensure that it is worn as it should be as an ill fitting helmet is almost the same as not having one at all. This video will help you to check the fitting of your helmet is correct.

That’s all there is to it

If you are wanting a bit more advise on how to keep your little one safe on their travels then click here for some friendly scoot safe tips, complete with reward chart >>. Alternatively, you can find our whole range of toddler helmets and children’s helmets in the accessories section of the Micro Scooters website.