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The women behind Micro Scooters

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In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day our co-founders Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty give some in insight in to how they started the business, who their female heroes are and the triumphs and disasters they’ve experienced of running a small business.

Tell us about your first order? 

Philippa: I was terrified! I was so worried that we weren’t going to sell that many! The order was for £50.

Anna: The first order I took was for some other mums who were friends of mine – I loaded the 3 scooters onto the top of my double buggy and walked up to Clapham Common with 2 children in tow 

Whats your favourite memory of Micro in the early days? 

Anna: Going to a meeting with one of our smaller customers only to find out that they had amalgamated with a potentially enormous customer and telling them that we would have no problem fulfilling an order for 13,000 scooters even though we only had 400 of them sitting in a friends barn in Essex! 

Philippa: One of my favourite memories is when a freight forwarder came to meet us to talk through freight rates and container transportation. In our chaos of picking up our children from nursery we had forgotten and so ended up feeding him and all our children Marmite sandwiches! He answered our questions whilst we dealt with the demands of our 5 young children! 

How did you feel when you Micro reached 30 employees? 

Philippa: It was a proud moment however it comes with responsibilities too. So many people depending on us to get it right.

Anna: Very proud and humbled that so many talented people share our vision and passion for Micro Scooters and are prepared to work hard to try and achieve that vision 

What makes you most proud as co-founder of Micro Scooters UK? 

Philippa: That’s easy, so many children adults and parents know the fun enjoyment and benefits of scooting everyday. It transforms everyday lives for the better.

Anna: Knowing that there are now over 1 million children scooting to school. When we started the business scooters were nearly non-existent on the school run. It fills me with pride to see how that has changed over the last 10 years or so. I am also incredibly proud of our Scoot Safe scheme to ensure that children scooter safely and our Scooter Aid scheme; revamping old scooters and giving them to underprivileged children. 

What advice would you give to your 21 year old self? 

Anna: Be confident and seize the opportunities that are put in front of you, work hard and play hard and listen to your heart as well as your head.

Philippa: I’d tell myself to dream and not be tied down by convention! I’d tell myself to think outside the box! 

Which 3 female figures inspire you and why? 

Phillippa: Jane Austen – she has so much wit and insight into human weakness and strengths. Emma Thompson for her passion, ability and assurance. Angela Merkel for standing up for the the refugees and for believing we are better united.

Anna: Tessa Jowell for her bravery and commitment to improving the lives of others, Mother Teresa for leading a simple life dedicated to the care of others, Laura Tenison as an entrepreneur who not only runs a successful business but a charity as well. 

What did you want to do / be when you were a little girl? 

Philippa: Donny Osmond’s wife!

Anna: A cellist or a sailor

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