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Why all adults should ride a scooter

  • 2 min read
We have 25 reasons. We also like lists (nearly as much as we like scooting). 1. It's fun. It really is. 2. It saves time between distances. 3. It's easy to learn how to scoot. 4. There's nothing more enjoyable than scooting with the kids. 5. And in doing so makes them think you are very cool. 6. There is no age limit. You're never too old to scoot. As exemplified by Scooting Gran 7. Scooters are simple to fold down and light to carry. 8. Which means you can take them to work, on holiday to the beach (or to make your entrance on TFI Friday). 12. It makes nipping to the shops for that pint of milk a breeze. 13. Scooting is great for your cardiovascular system 14. And for toning and strengthening your muscles. See how here. 13. Scooting keeps you warm in Winter 14. It will save you money. A tonne of it. In petrol filling costs alone. Find out how much here >> 15. No parking space worries. 16. You can colour co-ordinate your scooter to suit your mood (flashing warning lights for angry, neon dotty hand warmers for your lighter moments). 17. It's easier than riding a bike, getting in the car, finding a space, waiting at traffic lights etc etc. 18. Hugh Jackman does it. Have a look here 19. As does Naomi Watts & Kirstie Allsopp 20. And when he's not running the country. David Cameron relaxes with a ride on his Micro scooter. As does his wife it seems 21. Scooting is free! Enough said. 22. Scooters are the perfect way to get around festivals. Tres chic. 23.They are environmentally friendly 24. You can start a scooter race at your child's sports day. And instantly become the most popular parent in the playground. 25. We have 13 of the best adult Micro scooters to choose from here. And they all come with free delivery! 25 not out. So what do you think? Convinced yet? Or maybe you already ride a scooter? Let us know in the comments below.

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