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What happened when one man used his scooter to get fit

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A study by the University of Brighton highlighted that scooting for an hour can burn 300 calories. We challenged Micro Scooter Ambassador Matt Keys with using his scooter to get fit so that we can give this statement some kudos. After all, how much weight can you actually lose by scooting?

Matt will be swapping walking (or short journeys in the car) with his scooter, 4 times a week, during January and February. 

And so, with a Garmin watch on one wrist and a connection to Strava on his phone, here is the beginning of his scooter fit journey. 

“My name is Matt and I am 38. I currently live in Suffolk with my wife, Louise, as well as our 3 children, tortoise, gecko, snake and our two dogs. 

Over the last few years I have become fairly unfit. I used to run and cycle to keep fit but in recent years my knees have not really been up to the task of running on the road. I also seem to struggle to find time to cycle. 

My weight has been creeping up and I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. 

I have been wanting to get fit for a few years now but it just has not worked out how I wanted. So when the chance to join up for a scooter get fit challenge came up I jumped at the chance.” 

Scoot number #1: New Years’ Day 

“So first of January, 2017. Time for a newer, fitter me! We still have a huge abundance of indulgent food left over from the holiday period so the diet isn’t due to start for another few days. However, that is no reason not to get an early start on the scooting! 

Sadly the weather is against us. It is absolutely chucking it down, but again that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to not go out!

So accompanied by my two helpers and my Flex Deluxe, we set off in the rain!

I never realized how much harder it is to scoot in heavy rain! Had to go more cautiously and carefully than normal.

So 36 minutes and 4.3k later we are back home, soaked and feeling very tired! A great start to my scooter challenge and my new year’s resolution.”

The stats:

Total time: 36 minutes and 7 seconds

fastest pace: 7.25 min miles

Average heart rate: 128 bpm

Max Speed: 8mph

Micro Scooters Secret Workout

When it comes to exercise, scooting is often under rated. However scooting can offer its rider a secret workout and most don’t realise it. What we mean by this is when jumping on your Flex Deluxe to get from A to B it not only saves time but you’re giving your body a workout too. This is because, whilst you are feeling clever about skirting the tube strike, scooting is using muscles in areas of the body that neither cycling or walking engages with. Exercising whilst commuting, what’s not to like?!

Here’s a a bit more about the secret workout:

Inspired by Matt’s challenge? if you would like to start your own scootercise workout you can shop iPhone holders here. Then simply connect to Strava via your phone to log your progress.