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When is a car not a car?

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Your eyes are not deceiving you.

Actually, maybe they are. 

That is NOT a 1950s Isetta “bubble car” you are looking at. It is however, a very close homage to Micro’s newest release the Microlino. 

Not content with creating the world’s first folding aluminium scooter or reinventing the electric scooter market with the emicro one – Wim Ouboter the man behind Micro collaborated with Swiss university ZHAW to create the Lino. 

Much like the idea behind the scooter Wim and his team created the Lino to find a new, sustainable way for people to move around our busy towns and cities. 

“The Microlino is small and swift so you can always find a parking spot in the city without going crazy” says Wim. 

Bringing back a modern classic has been no mean feat. Wim says “The original Isetta is an icon to many thousands of people – the Microlino is a labour of love that pays homage to the design and celebrates the inventiveness of the original concept – we are just making it more relevant to a 21st Century audience” 

The Microlino was unveiled at the Geneva Car Show and took the whole show by surprise.

Non-binding reservations for the first 500 Microlinos were taken at the show. With an estimated price range of £6,000 to £9,500, a 15kW electric motor that can propel the vehicle to a top speed of about 62mph (100km/h) and with a driving range between 60 to 75 miles (96-120 kilometeres) per charge we think the Microlino could be a part of the answer to help ease our congested towns and cities.

Oh and the answer to the question? The Microlino is actually classed as a motorised quadricycle – not a car.