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What's trending for Micro

  • 2 min read

Here's a little insight into the world of Micro on social.

Below we have included our key messages and hashtags, please pop these on a post once in a while, when tagging the brand.

Number 1: #ScootingAdventures

Scooting transforms the everyday... right? Young or old, first adventures or a regular scooter rider, once you jump on, most wonder why they didn't do it sooner. We love to shout this from the very tip of the rooftops and to anyone who will listen, but it seems a little (very) cliché/false and a bit cringy coming from us. This is why we embrace the UGC that only amazingly talented key influencers like yourselves can provide. Please use the hashtag #ScootingAdventures if you can when tagging us into content.

Number 2: #MadeForAdventure

#MadeForAdventure is something we like to sneak in to a lot of our comms! It's a nod to our Swiss heritage, intrinsic design and the quality manufacturer of each and every Micro Scooter. We genuinely care about the way our scooter are designed and created and are very passionate that they should last a lifetime. This is why we sell replacement parts for every scooter and why we set up Scooter Aid too. Wear and tear is inevitable and with the right TLC (and a regular MOT) Micro Scooters should last for hundreds of adventures, before being passed on for many more.

Scooting Milestones

There are some key events throughout the year that we like to give an occasional nod to, so if you're looking for a steer on social then feel free to use any of these key events to help: January: First scooting adventures on a new scooter after Christmas. Scooting resolutions. February: Scooter valentines day love. We usually run competitions around this time. March: Mother's Day. Scooting together as a family, getting out together is always a key message we look to promote. April:Easter Egg scoots and the Sustrans Big Pedal. Safe scooting and always wearing a helmet. May: Scooting safely and the Scoot Safe Scheme. Walk to School/Preschool/Nursery Week. Getting to new places under your own steam. June: Bike Week. Fathers Day. July: Summer adventures. Picnics in the park, scooter rides in the sunshine. August: Summer adventures. Scooter routes, favourite places to scoot, getting outdoors in the school holidays & getting ready for big school. September: Back to School: scooters are part of the back to school kit, mastering the school run on a scooter. Also Car free day. UK Active fitness day. October: Half term adventures. Walk to school month. November:Gearing up for Christmas. Christmas present ideas. December: To fit with our nursery focus: Why Micro makes the perfect present for under 5s. With many thanks for all your support. Micro Scooters.